Lina Iris Viktor The Woven Arc

The Woven Arc

The Cooper Gallery / Harvard University, Boston

We worked closely with Lina to print large scale canvas prints which she later adorns with paint, gold leaf and jewels to create ornate hard to describe creations. Several of her pieces are part of a stunning new group show.

THE WOVEN ARC explores the visual dialogues between an unusual selection of artworks not usually posed in conversation with each other: figurative and abstract sculptures, paintings, prints, and textiles, along with mixed media and performance-based video. Three artworks from our permanent collection—a Yinka Shonibare Food Faerie, a Nick Cave Soundsuit, and a conceptual piece by Peter Sacks—inspired us to consider other artworks that vibrate and move with sumptuous surfaces, embedded texts, an overt and oblique presence of the black body, and our historical legacies of the African and African American experience. 

Large fine art print on canvas
Digital Prints on Canvas at an exhibition