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Digital Photo Restoration service at Brooklyn Editions

Photo Restoration and Archiving Services

Our studio provides expert imaging services to restore and repair images. Our photo restoration services deliver the same level of attention to detail and creative eye we bring to our fine art projects. Years of darkroom, digital, and retouching experience gives us the tools to restore and enhance all types of damaged photographs and documents. We can edit, retouch, and repair images pixel by pixel down to the finest details. Our work is not automated and each individual photograph is attended to and enhanced to its fullest potential.

Preserve and prevent the loss of personal and historic visual heritage

We create high resolution digital files with great care so that the original is never harmed. We can enhance details, remove scratches and other damage, restore fading, and fix tears within photos and documents. We can then print the restored images on carefully matched state of the art archival papers to find the right look that retains a vintage feel, giving them new life and often exceeding the original quality of the images.

Restoring critical and significant photographs for use in books, exhibitions, and collections

We can scan, archive, and optimize historical photographs whether they are damaged and in need of digital repair, or need to be accurately preserved and reproduced. Vintage photographs as well as maps and paper works can be reproduced and often enlarged to a significant degree. Images can be color corrected, enhanced, and restored to modern standards or subtly improved while keeping a vintage historic feel. Reproductions can be carefully matched to an appropriate media to make authentic facsimiles.

Restore and reproduce family heirlooms

We can digitally restore damaged family photographs, old or new. We make high resolution color accurate scans and can create both archival digital files and flawless prints. We can make multiple copies of a coveted vintage photograph so all family members can have copies.

Digital Restoration BeforeDigital Restoration After

Digital Photo Restoration BeforeDigital Photo Restoration After

Each project is unique with different challenges and goals

As artists, we are always intrigued by challenging projects and finding creative solutions to enhance and restore damaged photos, artwork, or documents. No matter what we work from, our approach and technique will always be tuned to each project's needs. Often our work is done in stages with room for review and feedback between each interval.

Digital Photo Restoration - Safiya Before (raw scan)Digital Photo Restoration Retouched - Safiya photo

Restoration projects begin with a consultation

We meet with clients to assess the original items and their condition. We discuss the goals and requirements, and advise what is possible before providing a cost estimate and timeline for the work involved.

* Contact Us for an estimate based on the scope of your project. Please ensure to include as many details as possible.

Our restoration services include:

High resolution scanning to archive and preserve cherished images

Restoration of original contrast and colors to damaged photographs and faded images

Repair of cracks, stains, creases, and other imperfections

Dust and hair removal

Recreation of missing pieces in images

Extracting subjects from backgrounds

Sharpening and enhancing details

Colorizing black and white images, or converting to black and white from color

Removing elements or people

Restoration and enhancement of vintage documents, maps, certificates, and other historical objects

Color correction and general image improvement

The final high resolution restored files sent to the client

High resolution scanning for restoration services

We only work on digital files and never the originals. Getting a high quality scan that captures as much detail, color, and tone as possible gives us the information we need to enhance and repair during the restoration process. Scanning a 8" x 10" photograph at 2400 PPI will create a file that is three times larger than the best DSLR cameras can capture and equals an 80" tall print at 300 PPI.

* For more information on scans and creating digital files, please refer to our Scanning page

Digital Photo Restoration Process BeforeDigital Photo Restoration Process After

Results that will stand the test of time

From archival prints to digital master files, the results of our work will be able to last indefinitely and extend the life of the image for generations. All clients receive a download of the finished, digitized, restored file in lossless TIFF format.

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