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Photo Retouching

Photo and Art Retouching

We offer skilled editing and retouching services for artists, photographers, and other professional and commercial clients. We bring expert technical skills and years of experience, in both fine art and commercial imaging, combined with a creative vision to every piece we touch. Having perfect files and flawless images are keys to any print's success, and we provide the skills to help clients realize any concept or vision. The result is a flawless image that is ready for display, whether it is a museum, gallery, art show or book, or a client’s home.

If you have a Retouching project in need of support, send us an inquiry to get a custom consultation.

Stephen Gross Retouching work by Cristiano Mangovo

Retouching work by Cristiano Mangovo

Soo Kang in Brooklyn Editions printing studio retouching her work

Soo Kang in our studio retouching her work

Comprehensive Digital Imaging support

Our digital image editing and retouching service encompasses a wide variety of imaging needs, ranging from image optimization and repair, to the assembly of complex compositions. With long professional experience in a range of image-centered fields, we provide a unique perspective and skill set to support all kinds of demanding digital imaging briefs. We provide expert consultation on image resolution, quality, focus, color correction, editing, noise reduction, sharpening, aspect ratios, and all other elements that go into a high quality file.

We specialize in unique high complexity projects

As artists and photographers, we specialize in work that requires creative and innovative solutions, and we are tuned to the specific demands of each project and client. We understand and can provide the expertise to meet the needs of artists who may not always work in the digital or photographic medium. We audit images and files to make sure that every micro detail is correct to ensure there are no surprises when it is printed at large scale or submitted for publication.

Image Processing

Our support can begin early in the workflow, including consultation before work has been created or captured, including the conversion of raw captures to create optimal master print files from original captures, or to get the most out of the data when files are problematic.

* We are always capable of providing estimates and consultation before work is started. Contact Us with all information about your project.

Color correction & color matching work by Jack Laroux

Color matching work by Jack Laroux

High-end image editing and photo retouching for creative professionals

Our retouching and imaging services include:

Critical high-end retouching and post production

Beauty retouching

Color correction in Photoshop

Raw conversions

Color to black and white conversions

Object or background removal


Increasing resolution of image files

Dust and scratch repair

Color Correction

Color correction is a vital step in creating optimized files. We work with a critical sensitivity to getting colors exactly where they need to be before a file goes off to print. We can match colors, remove difficult color casts, and make subtle corrections to resolve difficult color issues. Cleaning up skin tones, removing UV casts, modifying color temperature variations, and correcting artwork colors are among the tasks we regularly solve.

We use state of the art, calibrated, reference monitors, current software, best practices, and have decades of experience color correcting a wide variety of images. We can work with raw files or existing captures, scans, and flat artworks.

Process and Rates

  1. We can fix or change any element in an image. Whether it is cleaning up sensor dust, removing blemishes from skin, eliminating a distracting element in an image, or replacing and extending backgrounds, we closely assess the feasibility of each operation and provide realistic, professional solutions. 
  2. We review files and consult on the goals and critical factors for any image editing project. We then provide estimated costs and timeline. Most projects can be done in stages where there is opportunity for review and input before moving on to a final master.
  3. Our retouching rates are $150 per hour, and billed in following half hour increments. Our goal is always to be efficient and cost-effective while providing the highest quality service. Hourly rates are difficult to compare between studios. Our rates reflect our level of expertise and efficiency gained from years of experience in professional digital imaging. 
  4. Most retouching projects will require an upfront deposit based on agreed-upon hours. All retouching deposits and payments are non-refundable. Consultation prior to the start of any work is studio policy to ensure the number of hours and work done are clear.

* Contact Us for an estimate based on the scope of your project. Please ensure to include as many details as possible.

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