Welcome to Brooklyn Editions, your source for professional photo printing services and digital image support. We print on a wide variety of the finest archival papers available. We use state of the art pigment ink digital printing technology to create striking prints on a wide variety of surfaces. We can print up to 64" wide by any length. While much of what we do relies on technical expertise and experience, personal attention is the most important element in what we do. Working one-on-one, and being personally accountable for every project we do is standard. Live proofing and corrections with client input is our favorite way to work.  We print on just about everything, including photo rag papers, photo canvas, baryta, fiber and traditional gloss and lustre. From rice paper to craft paper, we are always experimenting with non-traditional options, including rice paper, fabrics, art boards and craft paper.

Digital Printing on many brands of papers

Large format, archival fine art printing is our specialty.

We put the same care into all of our projects whether they’re museum prints or family albums. Our digital imaging services feature state-of-the-art technology and a color-managed workflow, along with personalized service and great attention to demanding projects. We encourage live proofing with client participation. When it comes to our professional photo printing services in New York City, we aren’t afraid to experiment and bring your ideas to life.


Archival Digital Pigment Prints

We use state of the art pigment ink digital printing technology to create amazing prints on a wide variety of surfaces. Giclée printing is a common term as well. We can print up to 64" wide by any length. 



From complex background extractions and image compositing to fixing flaws or restoring old or damages images, we can provide expert, flawless retouching for clients as reasonable rate.  Often simple clean ups are including when we set up your files to print but should you need some expert help we can do the job quickly and affordably. 

Portfolio Prints

We know how important your presentation is and that a portfolio speaks for years of work. We print stunning color critical portfolios and books for special presentations.  Single sided or double sided printing give you choices to help make an incredible first impression .

Archiving and Back Up

Many of our clients have put so much effort in to their work but still have not properly managed or backed up their files. It can feel overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. We help set up digital archives, and organize easy back up systems that are user friendly and reliable. We find cost effective solutions for artists, photographers, individuals and institutions.

Fine Art Papers

One of the most exciting aspects of Digital pigment printing is the wide variety of beautiful papers one can print on. From Rag papers to rice papers, there are a mind boggling array of interesting surfaces for your project, and most of these options were never available in the analog world. 

Instruction and Support

Stephen offers one on one training and technical support for a many digital imaging services. From photoshop and workflow instructions to color management or installation and set up of your own printer. With experience as college professor of digital photography and decades of imaging experience, Stephen helps individuals, businesses and institutions. 

Print Price List

We charge by the square foot beginning at sizes 24" x 36" and above. The price always includes proofing and color correction. The goal is to be cost effective and create the best possible prints. The prices are listed for reference but each job is unique and gets individual attention, so contact us for an accurate price quote based on your project.

For smaller sizes, and portfolio/ album prints its best to call or email and get a quote.

  • Second Prints receive a 20% discount.

  • Large orders can be discounted further.

  • Images that are ready to print can be discounted as well.

  • Please contact us for exact costs and quotes.

Basic Stock:
Moab Lasal Matte
Epson Semi-Matte
Epson Premium Glossy
$23 square foot
Price List Premium Stock:
All Hahnemühle Papers
Baryta Papers
Canson Papers
$28 square foot
Price Per Print: Basic Stock Image Size Price Per Print: Premium Stock
$30 8.5" x 11" $35
$40 11" x 14" $50
$50 13" x 19" $65
$70 16" x 20" $85
$90 20" x 24" $105
$100 20" x 30" $140
$192 30" x 40" $233
$207 36" x 36" $252
$256 40" x 40" $311
$319 40" x 50" $389
$400 50" x 50" $486
$383 40" x 60" $467
$479 50" x 60" $583
$559 50" x 70" $681
$767 60" x 80" $933
$863 60" x 90" $1050

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping large prints in tubes

We work with clients all over the country and ship prints allover the world. We can safely ship to you, your exhibition, fulfill your prints direct to a buyer of your artwork or work with you remotely if you are not able to come in to the studio. We package, insure and protect your prints and can ship rolled, flat or crated.