close-up photo of museum-quality acrylic face mounted print

Acrylic Prints

Hahnemuhle facemounted print by Finlay Mackay

Print by Finlay Mackay

Acrylic prints with modern borderless design

Vivid, ultra-clear, slim panel face mounted acrylic prints allow for excellent reproduction quality, archival stability, and contemporary sleek presentation. This frameless design for photography and fine art prints allows for optimum clarity and vibrant contrast in a ready-to-hang format.

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Acrylic, despite being commonly referred to as "glass" due to its transparency and strength, is not glass. Acrylic is a tough, long-lasting, and transparent plastic compound called poly(methyl methacrylate). It is commonly known as acrylic, acrylic glass, as well as by the trade names Plexiglas, Crylux, Acrylite, Perspex, Astariglas, and Lucite, among several others.

What is an acrylic face mounted print?

The print begins with the highest quality print on Hahnemühle paper. The face of the print is bonded with a liquid silicone adhesive to a clear diamond polished acrylic sheet for maximum bond, lifespan, and the highest optical clarity. The result is an archival, well-protected print that has unique depth and dimension.

liquid silicone
liquid silicone
archival print
archival print
archival adhesive
archival adhesive
support substrate
support substrate

The mounted print can be backed by a support substrate, with choices such as aluminum, dibond, or sintra, for stability. A backing brace with a French cleat is also added for easy, low-profile hanging so it can float off of the wall for an elegant presentation.

For more information on Mounting options and materials, visit our dedicated Mounting page.

Acrylic face mounted prints for truly the highest resolution and clarity

There are endless marketing terms for online prints including "HD" prints with claims of higher resolution. These claims are not backed by any real world professional vetting or technical advantage. These methods cannot deliver a print that equals the resolution, color, or tonality of the archival digital pigment prints we produce. There are no quick tricks or shortcuts to our method. Our article on the Giclée printing process outlines this fact.

Our face mounted acrylic prints are the same museum quality as our fine art prints, just meticulously mounted with clear liquid silicone instead of a common film used by most commercial labs. The silicone delivers a clearer bond, free of any texture or optical distortion. It stays flexible for the life of the print so no bubbling or separation can occur.

museum quality acrylic face mounted print

museum quality acrylic face mounted print by Katherine Slingluff

Prints by Katherine Slingluff

Acrylic prints for photography and fine artwork

The choice of a face mounted acrylic prints allows the highest quality prints to be presented in an archival format with great luminosity and depth while keeping great simplicity and elegance of design. Acrylic photo prints and all acrylic prints are easy to hang, and much simpler to transport than a framed art print.

Liquid silicone mounts are superior to film based mounts

Bonding the face of a print to acrylic plexiglass is a critical step for both optical clarity and the lifespan of the final artwork. Liquid silicone adhesive is similar to the proprietary Diasec process — the concept being that the silicone adhesive is clearer and remains more flexible for the life of a print, than a film adhesive between the print and the acrylic glass.

Other methods print directly onto the acrylic. While this can be cost effective, for truly gallery and museum level quality, our method of face mounting a perfect print will deliver superior results.

The difference between an acrylic face mount and print on acrylic

The prints we produce are know as face mounted acrylic prints, as opposed to prints on acrylic. Prints on acrylic are made with a UV printer and printed directly onto the acrylic glass. Compared to our archival digital pigment prints, UV printers are designed for commercial signage and cannot match the resolution or color management of a pigment printer.

UV printers have fewer inks for a smaller color gamut, gradations are not as smooth, and the archival stability has not been determined or tested by reputable third parties. The depth of a true face mounted acrylic print cannot be matched.

Our facemounted acrylic prints are

Made from high quality digital files
Have a high resolution of 2400 DPI
Printed on premium Hahnemühle paper for ultimate image quality
Custom sized from 16" x 20" up to
48" x 96"
Adhered to a choice of high quality acrylic glass options
Mounted on a selection of support backings, from sintra to dibond
Presentable with a clean, low-profile elegantly modern look
Ready to hang with a French cleat for easy installation
Suitable for all types of indoor wall spaces
Luminous, sharp, and vivid in image quality

Images behind custom plexiglass with a choice of backing options

For each size, you can choose between mounting options that suit the individual work. Whether the image matter is fine or photography, each face mounted acrylic print can be customized with a choice of substrates.

Print by Sham Hinchey

Choices for the plexiglass include

Standard gallery plexiglass, which offers good UV protection and excellent clarity, available in 1/8"(xmm)and 1/4" (xmm) thickness

UV plexiglass which offers almost 100% protection

Non-glare plexiglass which can minimize reflections

Choices of mounting substrate include

2mm thickness sintra

4mm thickness sintra

Dibond, a sought-after backing option that meets the highest professional requirements


Visit our Mounting & Framing page for more info

Choice for presentation and hanging include

Standard hanging option, which includes a poplar wood brace and French cleat for easy secure installation

Aluminum braces for higher customization

No brace, for installation in a frame

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