erin shirreff 'fig. 8' artwork

Erin Shirreff, 'Fig. 8'



We produce the highest quality prints for artists, photographers, galleries, and museums

Lina Iris Viktor in her studio

Lina Iris Viktor in her studio

Brooklyn Editions is a specialized digital print studio committed to producing the highest quality fine art prints possible. Our studio is tuned to the needs of professional artists and others who require superior quality prints.

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Services designed to meet the needs of professionals

We use state of the art equipment, powerful imaging software, archival inks, the finest papers, and best practices to ensure the fine art giclée prints we produce are of the highest quality possible. Every file, artwork, and print is subject to the critical eye and guidance of our expert printers.

Every project receives the individual attention it deserves. We have the printing services, knowledge, and experience to support each step involved in creating exceptional fine art prints that support an client's vision. As an artist-run studio, we can help from concept to editing and finishing.

Custom services for all types of artwork

We create prints from every possible concept, including paintings, watercolors, drawings, digital illustrations, video stills, digital capture, film photographs, and scanned artwork.

We offer an unsurpassed range of custom sizes across a wide selection of materials. All artwork is accurately rendered or reproduced and preserved using the highest quality substrates.

Our skills in digital post production give artists the tools they need to edit and perfect any kind of work.

rush25 artwork

Trusted experts for photographic printing

With decades of experience in darkroom, digital, fine art, and commercial photography, our imaging skills are tuned to all styles and types of images. We offer everything from classic high gloss prints, to matte and textured finishes, bright white rag, specialty baryta papers, films, and metallic surfaces.

Our expertise in photo imaging techniques and specialized software can get the most out of any image. We help optimize files and maximize image resolution to produce stunning large format prints for all types of photography. We guarantee color accurate reproduction and unmatched longevity.

Atarah Atkinson in our studio with artwork 'trusted experts'

Atarah Atkinson in our studio

We bring exhibitions to life

We work with creatives to produce museum quality exhibitions where diligence towards every detail matters. We understand the unforgiving nature and strict timeline of preparing an exhibition.

We consult, concept test, and brainstorm ideas that incorporate classic photo or unique fine art surfaces, including display, mounting, framing, and unique treatments. Our exhibition prints are closely vetted; we understand perfection is a requirement and provide attention to specifications.

Sven Zellner prints at the UN Plaza exhibition

Sven Zellner at the UN Plaza

Editions are our specialty

We help create artist editions in any quantity or size with consistent repeatable quality for each and every print. We advise, concept, and track editions for all kinds of fine art prints (giclée prints) as well as photographic prints.

Choosing the best way to format and display the work, deciding on a quantity, utilizing borders, and creating custom sizes ready to frame or display as a finished artwork, are areas we are ready to assist with. We also provide secure fulfillment and packaging services for artists taking online print orders.

Shawn Huckins prints for Guy Hepner Editions

Shawn Huckins for Guy Hepner Editions

The best selection of fine art papers for giclée printing

We aim to provide the perfect paper for each unique image. We stock the most popular papers and curate a varied selection of specialty surfaces and media. We seek out and test fine art papers constantly.

We have cultivated close relationships with all major paper manufacturers and are proud of our status as a certified provider with Hahnemühle, Canson, and Ilford. This international accreditation guarantees the high quality standard of our work while ensuring compliance with technical criteria during audits.

giclée printing paper

reeva pottoff at brooklyn editions

gabrielle garland at brooklyn editions

erin derby at brooklyn editions

digital retouching of prints at brooklyn editions

fine art scanning process



Our technical expertise in image making, and exacting eye provide the elements vital to creating a perfect print. A color-managed workflow, a passion for images, and the patience to get the details right brings your vision to reality.

As a team of artists, we leverage our experience and point of view in our work with our clients. We understand the personal importance of your work. We are agile, attentive, and passionate. At Brooklyn Editions, art is what matters, and quality is our measure of our success.


Simply the best prints possible

We specialize in fine art archival pigment printing (also known as giclée printing). We use pigmented aqueous inks that provide the perfect combination of exceptional permanence (longevity) and the widest color gamut. 

Our printers are calibrated and color managed to exacting standards of accuracy. Incredibly fine droplets of ink result in  unsurpassed detail, smooth natural gradations, and excellent tonality.

We use acid free papers and media with invisible micro ceramic coatings that help the ink stay sharp and maximize bold colors and depth. The result is vivid, true colors with deep blacks and amazing contrast.

We make prints on a wide variety of paper types and archival substrates including beautiful matte photo papers textured natural fibers, darkroom worthy baryta papers, high gloss photo papers, rice papers, canvas, linens, and acrylic face mounted prints.

Mama — Colleen Barry
Keith Haring — Richard Corman
Bucking Horse — Richard Hambleton
Fem Force — Camila Buxeda
No. 199 — Erin Derby
Mama — Colleen Barry
Keith Haring — Richard Corman
Bucking Horse — Richard Hambleton
Fem Force — Camila Buxeda
No. 199 — Erin Derby
Client Name

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Ashley Leutner, Her Clique

The Brooklyn Edition team is professional, knowledgeable, patient and hardworking. It has been a pleasure working with the team these past three years. We have been thrilled with the quality of the prints and Brooklyn Editions has gone above and beyond for us. We couldn't recommend them enough!

Richard Corman, Photographer

Stephen Gross is a master printer of the highest order. His brilliance has everything to do with concern for the art he is printing, his eye for detail, his professionalism, and the integrity he shares with all of our projects. My work has more resonance as a result of our relationship and I cannot imagine working with anyone who feels more responsible for the quality he produces.

Lina Iris Viktor, Artist

I’ve been working with Stephen for 10 years, and in that time he’s assisted in the production all of my print work since I discovered him in 2013. The care, time and attention to detail is bar none. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Erin Shirreff, Sculptor and Artist

Stephen is some kind of Epson-Canon savant, possesses a deep library of knowledge about all things paper, and has patience and sensitivity for days. It goes without saying he's an artist, and he treats your projects like his own.

David Brown, Carole Feuerman Studios

When creating our featured print run for our upcoming solo exhibition in New York City, we turned to Brooklyn Editions to help us realize this project from start to completion. The team was highly attentive and responsible, and stayed on schedule throughout the whole process despite a challenging deadline. We will be working with Brooklyn Editions again on our upcoming projects.

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