Studio Policy

In choosing to work with us, you agree to our Studio Policy

This studio policy outlines the terms and conditions for working with us. It is written to ensure mutual agreement between our studio and clients. Brooklyn Editions Inc. remains the right to change and update the terms and conditions in this policy at any time, at our sole discretion.

Brooklyn Editions is located at:

Brooklyn Editions

251 19th St

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Imaging and Proofing

Brooklyn Editions Inc. does not take responsibility for final print satisfaction that has not been proofed. Proofing is non-compulsory in working with us, but vital to printing best practices. Having a proof print made enables you to see how your image translates to the surface you are printing on. It will allow you to check color accuracy, sharpness, overall look and feel, amongst other important qualities. We encourage all clients to proof with us before committing to final print expenses, as we are not liable for any print replacement charges that come as a result of not proofing.

Print-On-Demand and Editioning in Batches

Brooklyn Editions Inc. is not responsible for producing matching prints other than when the entire edition is printed immediately after the approved proof. Printers are upgraded as soon as the latest technology is available and we do not keep old printers for long. However, there are many elements outside of our control including variance in papers, inks, and humidity. We employ best practices, and take every step to make prints repeatable and consistent, but it is not possible to guarantee every variable. If absolute certainty of identical prints is required, we recommend any edition be printed in full at the time of proofing. Any re-proofing costs for future reprints are the responsibility of the client at our current rates for digital imaging, time, and printing.

Image Archiving

Brooklyn Editions Inc. will provide all clients with a copy of the print files delivered via download to portable drive at the time of printing. We archive all files for our clients’ convenience, but are not responsible for keeping these files in perpetuity. We maintain a secure server and best practices for archiving, but data errors, human errors, and technical failures are inevitable. If the file is critical to be preserved, it is up to the client to preserve it for future use. If a client is concerned about the security of the files, they can request that we do not archive the files and all data will be completely deleted. 


Brooklyn Editions Inc. will invoice all jobs to the client or party responsible for payment. It is the client’s, and if applicable the paying party’s, responsibility to satisfy the payment in full upon receipt of order. Payment for printing, printing and mounting, and scanning is due upon receipt. Brooklyn Editions reserves the right to not release final work until payment.

For all retouching and digital services work, an upfront deposit based on agreed-upon hours is required prior to the start of production. We do not refund any retouching and digital services deposits, or full payments. The studio will always discuss directly with the client before starting any retouching work to determine the hours of work that will be done and charged for.

For special and large print orders, a deposit of 50% may be required prior to the start of production, and the remaining balance will be due upon collection of prints, or in the event of printing and mounting due prior to the final delivery of mounted prints. Brooklyn Editions reserves the right to not release final work until balances are paid.

We do not refund production deposits due to the fact that we often order paper and materials specific to individual print jobs. Any changes to the scope of production such as volume, project due date, material changes, or increased workload, may result in increased costs. At our discretion we may grant 30 day terms. Any overdue invoices will be assessed a 3% monthly handling charge.  

Responsibility for Original Artwork

Brooklyn Editions Inc. will take in original artwork from the client to use for purposes such as scanning and color-correction. While the artwork is being used for such purposes, we will use great care and do our utmost to ensure we maintain the original artwork’s state of condition that it came in. Once we have finished using the artwork for such purposes, we will securely package the artwork for pick-up and notify the client that it can be retrieved. 

Brooklyn Editions Inc. will securely keep and store the original artwork after use for a period of 30-days after the pick-up notice, after which we will no longer be responsible for it. If artwork is of great value it is incumbent upon the client to provide their own insurance. Any other arrangements for valuable or delicate work must be discussed at time of drop off. 

Responsibility for Prints

Brooklyn Editions Inc. will notify the client once their prints are ready for pick-up or delivery. We will securely keep and store finished prints for a period of 30-days after the notice, after which we will no longer be responsible for holding them. It is the client’s responsibility to pick-up or arrange delivery of their finished prints.

Responsibility of Clients and Parties Visiting the Studio

Brooklyn Editions Inc. works solely by scheduled appointment, and has the right to refuse any walk-in clients. We will uphold our commitment to all scheduled appointments and give advance notice to the client if we are unable to keep them on our end. Clients who are unable to uphold commitment to appointment times can be subject to appointment deposits for any future schedule, at our discretion. 

Clients must give advance notice to Brooklyn Editions Inc. if they are expecting additional parties to attend a scheduled appointment. Clients and parties with disability and/or special medical needs bear the responsibility to check and confirm that our studio is a safe environment for them to be in. We will be forthright and provide all information and assistance we possibly can to help you assess your risk, and prepare for your visit to our studio.

Working Hours

Brooklyn Editions Inc. operates from 10AM - 6PM EST on Monday through Fridays. The studio is closed on weekends and all public holidays. We are not held liable for any communication, attention, operations, or production outside of operating hours. 

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service, all at our sole discretion.


The client understands the risks of printing licensed or copyrighted materials and believes their current, past, and future order(s) to either be outside of the bounds of such laws or used with permission. By printing with Brooklyn Editions Inc., you agree that you are the copyright holder for the work being printed, or have been granted rights of reproduction, and that Brooklyn Editions Inc. is not liable for any content that infringes on another party's copyright. All prints, scans, and final files retain ownership by you. Brooklyn Editions Inc. is to be held harmless.

Brooklyn Editions Inc. will never sell, loan, distribute, or print any work that belongs to you without your permission.

If you have any questions about this Studio Policy, please contact us.