Canvas & Linen Printing - 'Mona Lisa Joker' by Alex Gross

'Mona Lisa Joker' by Alex Gross

Canvas & Linen Printing

An ideal solution for gallery-ready artwork

Martien Mulder, 'Interval' canvas prints

Martien Mulder, 'Interval'

Printing on canvas, linen, or other fabric can be an excellent high quality alternative for a variety of creative applications.

Contact us to explore the possibilities with this media.

We offer a diverse range of archival fine art custom canvas that is much more damage-resistant than paper. Surfaces range from cotton matte canvas with a bright white smooth weave that looks similar to photo rag paper, to raw canvas for a natural feel, to satin canvas with a subtle shine. The print can then be stretched, finished, painted, or varnished as requested.

Compared with online canvas printers who use solvent inks more suited for sign printing, or print on plastic or vinyl canvases, our canvas prints have greater detail, smoother tonality, and beautiful natural surfaces. Our canvas prints are produced as fine art pieces, not cheap consumer décor.

closeup photo of fine art canvas printing details


No glass between artwork and audience

Just as is the case with paintings, canvas printing is an opportunity to present work without the barrier of glass between the artwork and the viewer. See your work on the gallery wall the same way you see it in your studio, with no sacrifice to your work's quality.

Prints by Tyler Goldfarb

Prints by Tyler Goldfarb

Print by Tyler Goldfarb

Print by Tyler Goldfarb

A cost-effective alternative to framing and mounting

The cost of framing and glazing for large scale works can be a significant expense. Stretching a canvas print on wood bars makes works ready-to-hang without the added expense of framing. 

However, stretching may not be as cost-effective for small prints. There are many 11" x 14" or 16" x 20" high quality standard frames available. As we stretch canvas by hand, the cost reflects the labor involved. Visit our Pricing page to learn more about our stretching services.

A wide range of uses

With a durable, workable surface, canvas can be used in many ways that paper cannot. Canvas creates dimension and provides creative possibilities for works beyond painting, from photography, to installation, to collage.

Many canvas options come in rolls as wide as 64" and can be printed any length.

* Contact Us for a custom stretching estimate based on the dimensions and quantity of your project or exhibition.

Print by Amani Lewis

Print by Amani Lewis

Perfect for painters

Discover new ways to support your practice by combining the use of a canvas print with your creative ingenuity. Whether you want to work on top of an image as a multimedia piece, use your digital sketches as an underpainting, or produce an edition variant of an existing work, the potentials are limitless.

Prints for Panepinto Galleries

Prints for Panepinto Galleries

Canvas for artwork reproductions

Our studio can print highly-accurate facsimiles of artwork on canvas and linen. Obtaining the highest quality scans is the first step. Then, we can print on our surfaces that offer a variety of finishes with fine weaves and excellent coatings. We will reproduce your artwork with great detail and color fidelity, whether it was created on a canvas or not.

Museum quality art prints with archival ink

All our canvas prints are archival and created with the highest level of reproduction quality. The digital pigment prints we make should not be confused with online canvas printers who use solvent inks. We create canvas prints of exceptional quality, on professionally formulated surfaces fit for museum exhibition, to ensure the best representation of the artwork possible.

'Age of Covid' by Alex Gross print

'Age of Covid' by Alex Gross

Erin Derby, 'No. 44' canvas printing

Erin Derby, 'No. 44'

Print photos on canvas

The fine weave of canvas and linen combined with state of the art coatings allow photos printed on canvas to be truly sharp, detailed with deep blacks, and possessive of a full tonal range similar to many top papers. Matte canvas is popular due to its lack of reflectivity to create deep velvety blacks, while white satin canvas gives the additional shine and pop of a lustre paper.

Expansive opportunities for Digital Artists

Transform your work from digital files to stunning large scale canvas prints. Artists working in Illustrator, Procreate, and other digital formats can print their files on canvas, amongst other incredibly tactile surfaces, to create works that feel organic.

linen printing photo

Linen Print, Artwork by Stephanie Dinkins

Print by Stephanie Dinkins

Custom canvas printing options

We have multiple surfaces for large format custom canvas printing. Between smooth matte canvas excellent for fine art and photo reproduction, there is satin canvas for work with more of a glossy sheen. Both choices deliver saturated colors and exceptional detail. Schedule a time for you to come and browse our options.

* For a full list of information on our canvas, linen and other fabric options, please visit our Canvas, Linen, & Fabrics page here

Darian Mederos printing
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Fine art linen printing options

Linen has long been prized as the best media for painting and, after many centuries, the evidence is clear that it is the most durable fiber. Linen is made from flax, while most canvas is made from cotton (with some blends using polyester to prevent cracking).

Linen being stronger can thus produce a finer weave without stretching or distortion. We stock super fine white Belgian Linen, a perfect medium for highly detailed works and photographs. Belgian Linen is also a sustainable eco-conscious material.

Soft linen and fabric options

Linen is also available as a loosely woven, gauze-like texture with an incredibly dreamy feel. We also stock natural and oatmeal-toned linens which are beautiful for the right project, but may not have the full tonal reproduction range that a white surface has.

Our additional selection of various fabrics offers even more creative options ranging from silks to taffeta. These fabrics can print incredibly well, each adding its unique feel to the work.

Canvas printing creates large scale potentials

With a durable, workable surface, many canvas options come in rolls as wide as 64" and be printed any length.

Canvas can be used in many ways that paper cannot. Canvas printing creates dimension and provides creative possibilities for works beyond painting, from photography to collage.

Canvas prints for hotels and décor

Hotels, interior designers, real estate, and décor clients choose canvas printing as a cost-effective method of creating multiple large artworks that look and feel original, and can be custom-scaled to suit the space. Prints can be stretched, framed, and even embellished.

Canvas Wallpaper Print by Deb Albright

Print by Deb Albright

Canvas Stretching Photo

We can provide stretched or un-stretched canvas

Stretching is an additional service we offer for Canvas prints, or prints can be stretched by the artist or framer as needed. However, our service may not be as cost-effective as framing at small sizes. There are many 11" x 14" or 16" x 20" quality made standard frames available. Our stretching costs reflect the physical hand labor we put in, there is nothing automated.

Artistic solutions for the best display

There are different options to treat the sides of a canvas print for wrapping. Gallery wrap canvas has the image extended to "wrap" around the edges of the stretcher bars, leaving no white or hard edges visible on the final piece. Learn about the different ways we treat canvas edges in the section below.

Options for canvas wrapping

Blank canvas (museum wrap)

This is not recommended unless you will float frame the canvas or are painting on top. Wood stretchers are prone to expansion, contraction, and warping due to humidity changes. This resulting hard edges may not perfectly align with the corners. Extending the image to offer a margin of error will guarantee a perfect-looking finished project.

Content aware extension (gallery wrap)

Using content-aware tools, we replicate the texture and detail of the original to extend the borders naturally.

Mirrored edge

We take the edges of the work and mirror them to extend the original image. This is traditionally the most common technique, but compared to the content-aware option, the repeating pattern may look unnatural or busy.

Solid color or tone

Depending on the art work, sometimes a solid color is all that is needed to extend the wrap.

Work by Jack Laroux

Black canvas museum wrap canvas wrapping example, artwork by Jack LarouxContent Aware Extension canvas wrapping example, artwork by Jack LarouxMirrored Edge canvas wrapping example, artwork by Jack LarouxSolid color or tone canvas wrapping example, artwork by Jack Laroux

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