Studio Visit Guidelines

Thank you for scheduling a studio visit with Brooklyn Editions. We value your interest in working together and are looking forward to meeting with you! To ensure your time spent with us is as efficient and helpful as possible, we have prepared studio visit guidelines to best advise your preparation for our appointment.



We expect our clients to abide by the given time window we provide for our meetings. Brooklyn Editions aims to be as accessible as possible to all while giving undivided attention to each project – one way we achieve this is by adhering to a structured schedule. 

We respect our clients’ time as much as we do ours – punctuality and commitment to studio visits are a must. However, we do understand that unforeseen things do happen and ask that we be notified or updated of changes as soon as possible. Repeated instances of no-shows or cancellations may lead to deposit fees or the end of our working relationship, all at our own discretion.



The goal of each studio visit is different. We take the time to individually prepare for all appointments. We make sure to have the necessary materials ready for our clients when they come in – whether this be paper samples, proofs, or otherwise. If you are expecting to see something when you come in, please be sure that this is made clear to us. 

In return, clients should prepare their own necessary materials prior to the visit – whether this be digital files, artwork, reference materials, or otherwise. If you are bringing digital files with you, please ensure they are readily accessible via hard drive, laptop, online storage, or that they have been sent to us already. We have detailed File Preparation Guidelines that go over how to best prepare files to work with.



Our studio is located in South Slope, Brooklyn at:

  • 251 19th St (corner of 19th St and 5th Ave)
    Suite 1D
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

The closest train is the Prospect Av R, or it is accessible via the B63 bus route.

Upon arrival, please use the interactive intercom to dial ‘1D - Brooklyn Editions’ to enter the building. If there are any issues with the intercom, feel free to call us at 718-852-4617. 

Our studio is basement level and requires descent via staircase. If you have accessibility needs that makes descent via staircase difficult or impossible, please let us know beforehand so we can best accommodate you on our ground level.


The Visit

We will determine the nature of your visit upon scheduling you in our calendar. During your appointment, you will always work with one or a combination of us on-site. Our goal with studio appointments is to provide hands-on personalized service to best understand the needs of your project – no part of the way we work should feel automated. 

Coming in with a direct prerogative, questions, or specific idea will always be the best way to approach meeting with us, but we also understand that sometimes you may be looking for an introduction to or guidance in fine art printing. We are available to educate you on our methodology, and we are always more than happy to learn from our clients in turn. 

Collaboration and attentiveness are at the core of our philosophy of best practices. Mutual respect for the work, the space, and all individuals involved is of the highest priority. We reserve the right to cease work at our own discretion at any time if this is not respected.

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