Stephen Gross & Maya Filmeridis in Brooklyn Editions printing studio

About Us

Brooklyn Editions is the digital printmaking studio of accomplished photographer and master printer

Stephen Gross

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stephen pursued a career as a professional photographer for decades. However, frustrated by the existing model for fine art printing and in order to achieve the level of quality he wanted, he purchased one of the earliest archival pigment printers made by Epson. Instantly, friends came to print their work with him. This became the beginning of Brooklyn Editions.

His experience working with photo labs and printers all over the world gave him insight into the ideal client experience. He saw the level of service, skill, and expertise that was missing, especially as the industry shifted to digital printing. In starting Brooklyn Editions, he wanted to offer an alternative to the labs that monopolized the industry — corporate labs that were ruled by bureaucracy, lacked accountability, and disempowered the artists they were supposed to serve. At our studio, we measure our success not by the quantity of prints we make, but by the quality of the artwork we are trusted with and help to produce.

Stephen Gross working on Richard Hambleton print

Maya Filmeridis workin on Atarah Atkinson print

In working with us, we guarantee a process that places authenticity and professionalism at the forefront

We combine technical expertise from all walks of printmaking and photography with a staff of experienced artists to help bring our clients' creative visions into reality. Regardless of how big or small, every project is treated with the same level of attention to detail, innovation in consultation, commitment to standard, and respect for the work and client.

We love projects that will challenge us, make us think differently, or try something that we haven’t yet

Ngoc Minh Ngo, 'Un Jardin Rêvé', at the YSL Museum

Ngoc Minh Ngo, 'Un Jardin Rêvé', at the YSL Museum

Brooklyn Editions is a community

We have built a rich community of amazing, talented clients who trust us with their most important work. We are at the center of this fantastic and talented network of artists and creative people whom we support. Our role extends beyond printing to help creatives by supporting their ideas and providing them with the best techniques, knowledge, and perspective.


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Digital Fine Art Printing & Editioning

Highly personalized services
Expert resource for creative consultation
Collaborative environment
High technical proficiency and attention to detail
personalized servicesHighly personalized servicesExpert resource for creative consultationCollaborative environmentHigh technical proficiency and attention to detail


Specialized, skilled, and experienced artists committed to exploration

Supportive, personable, and disciplined professionals

Meticulous creative experts dedicated to standard, best practices, and collaboration

Part of a diverse artistic network of clients

Part of a professional community of suppliers, manufacturers, framers, and mounters

Part of the art world through partnership and association with galleries, museums, and institutions

Stephen Gross, Founder & Director of Brooklyn Editions

Stephen Gross

Founder, Director

Stephen in his career has shot major advertising campaigns and editorial features, taught college-level digital photography, and has worked as the director of photography for a national magazine. These different opportunities and demanding challenges developed a rich and varied set of skills and experience. However, his greatest asset is that he cares deeply about every project and is personally accountable for its perfection.

The studio is fortunate to be based in Brooklyn, where there is such a diverse concentration of creative people from around the world with ideas, backgrounds and experience too wide to even categorize. What walks in the studio door on a daily basis is truly amazing. Outside of the studio, Stephen is a dedicated (obsessed) rock climber and spends his time training, traveling, and enthusiastically pursuing mountain sports.

Maya Filmeridis

Creative Director, Production Manager

Maya is an interdisciplinary artist from Singapore, now based in New York. She has an undergraduate background in fine art printmaking with a specialty in lithography and silkscreen, and an MFA in computational design and technology. Her primary interest is the blend of both analog and digital practices to form unique experimental modes of working.

She has vast professional experience in fine art production, having contributed to a wide range of expansive multimedia projects for artists and institutions globally. Her sporadic studio practice involves a fusion of writing video games, independent publishing, and net art.

Maya Filmeridis, Creative Director & Production Manager of Brooklyn Editions
Martin Czajkowski, Digital Imaging Specialist & Studio Manager of Brooklyn Editions

Martin Czajkowski

Digital Imaging Specialist, Studio Manager

Martin is a Polish-born, New York-based multifaceted creator and fine art printer. He has a formal education and vast work experience in photography, videography, and journalism, and is the studio's resident Photoshop Wizard.

Most of his career has been focused in high-end retouching, printing, and fabrication, having worked with the largest production houses and ad agencies in New York. He also has experience in commercial fabrication systems such as UV printing, hybrid UV-gel printing to 3-axis CNCs, CO2 and fiber lasers, and screen printing presses. Outside of the studio, he takes an interest in music and plays the bass and guitar.


Brooklyn Edition’s mission is to provide open access to high end fine art printmaking and an intimate production environment designed to value creativity and expression. 

Our goal is to offer artists and photographers personalized, non-corporate, artist-to-artist support. This includes, but is not limited to, technical, creative, and practical assistance — whatever is needed to produce outstanding prints. We are committed to providing a collaborative, inclusive, and creative environment dedicated to the arts.

Our work and client base is the greatest measure of our mission. One of our greatest focuses at Brooklyn Editions is to facilitate an inclusive environment with support for all, especially those who have been marginalized, misunderstood, or have not felt comfortable bringing sensitive, controversial, or political artwork into corporate print labs.

Our role is to help bring artwork to life and to help artists succeed. While we are not patrons of the arts in the classic sense, our purpose is to make as much of a difference as we can in the experiences and careers of artists.

Brooklyn Editions looks forward to the future of the arts, culture, and technology and strives to be a constant active player in pushing the line of what is possible and what is to come.

The ‘X’ as a stand-in for ‘editions’ in BKX represents the limitless possibilities that we wish to seek as a studio. As our knowledge, experience, client base, and connections grow, it is a reminder to consistently pursue innovation, potential, and the unknown.

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