Holographic Hahnemühle Certificates of Authenticity

Certificates of Authenticity

Providing Holographic Hahnemühle Certificates of Authenticity

Holgraphic Security

While any certificate offers a level of authenticity as long as it is signed, certificates can still be forged or copied easily. We offer official Hahnemühle Certificates of Authenticity with their hologram system to add an additional layer of security and make copying near impossible.

Each genuine certificate is made from premium deckle edged mould-made paper with a Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent security fibers. A serialized and numbered hologram is then added to the certificate that cannot be removed without damage. A second identically matched numbered hologram is then applied to the reverse side of the artwork.

The combination of certificate and hologram assures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece of art. The specific text and layout of the certificate can be custom created.

Certificates of Authenticity can guarantee buyers, dealers, and collectors that the artwork is authentic, while validating its provenance and other important details. Certificates also provide the artist security over their unique works, and establish a physical piece of evidence that the work is genuine. Preparing proper documentation in a secure and well designed manner is an important step towards determining and preserving value while controlling the sale and distribution of an artwork.

Certificates are best practice

Certificates of Authenticity are an institutionally accepted and recognized method to establish and authenticate the specific details of an artwork and edition. Providing an official document that outlines these details is the standard to verify any artwork or edition.

Certificates of Authenticity are created with a choice of relevant information, depending on the details of and type of artwork or edition that it certifies. Most commonly are used to verify the original artist name, the year the artwork was created, its materials of creation, dimension, and for editions, the edition number and size. Having a physical document to officiate this critical information is within the best practices of any professional artist when it comes to maintaining control and security over their artwork.

Holographic Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity

My Art Registry Online Authenticaton

For further security and record keeping, the certificate and artwork can be registered online with Hahnemühle at My Art Registry. This allows for secure record keeping, and provides online access to the artwork's provenance and exact Certificates of Authenticity hologram number.

watermarked paper for certificates of authenticity

How to prepare a Certificate of Authenticity template

For artists looking to make their own certificate, there are a variety of options and details that can be included. The dedicated watermarked paper is A4 size (8.3" x 11.7"), so any layout should be formatted to fit that size and proportion.

* You can download our Certificate of Authenticity template example here

Information to include on a Certificate of Authenticity

Artist name

Image of the artwork


Date of creation

Medium and/or substrate the work is created on

Type of ink if the artwork is a print


Edition number and edition size (if the artwork belongs to an edition)

Additional information about the edition (ie. Volume or Suite number)

Further information on the work itself if relevant

Statement of authenticity

Signed by the artist

Limits to reproduction rights

Logos or designs, if appropriate to the artist

Certificates can be customized to suit each artists' needs

The Certificate of Authenticity does not have to rely on any third party or authority. It can be designed by the artist and/or gallery or publisher according to what details are determined essential to certify. The certificate is a testament to verify that the work is indeed authentic. Some artists treat their certificates as straight forward document, and others make a very creative designs that include graphics and or logos specific to them.

Certificates of Authenticity are a benefit to all parties involved in a sale

The Certificate of Authenticity provides the buyer with assurance, while protecting the artist from copies or forgeries. Using the holographic certificate system allows an even greater level of security for both parties. The online My Art Registry adds the final piece to a secure method for guaranteeing authenticity.

Gloved hand examining customized certificates of authenticity

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