Artist Fulfillment for Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes Edition

Artist Fulfillment

We offer fulfillment services for sales so clients can focus on making their art while we take care of the rest.

Our fulfillment service allows artists to sell the highest quality prints, without having to pay for a complete edition in advance, or maintain an inventory. We will print work either as orders come in, or all at once after sales have closed. We manage the secure start-to-finish production, covering printing, packing, shipping, and tracking with custom branding on white label packaging that is sent directly to the purchaser.

Darian Mederos prints

Darian Mederos, 'Untitled' edition

Eileen Murphy artist edition prints

Eileen Murphy artist edition

Print on Demand

We can archive final files and have them ready to print when needed. This service provides flexibility to artists who may not be ready to commit to a full edition up-front as it enables them to print as they sell.

To maximize efficiency, many clients choose to execute time-released editions, where orders are taken within a pre-set time frame to determine the size of the edition needed. In these instances, the client produces a print or two to use as promotion, then places a bulk print order post-sale which in turn can lead to larger price breaks at greater volumes.

We can ship direct to your buyers

Whether it is one print or an entire edition, we can safely deliver any artwork wherever it needs to go. We provide customized, secure packaging, tracked and insured, to ensure it arrives on time and with the lowest chance of damage. We can offer additional white label customization options for clients with specific logos or branding they would like to use.

Printing Portfolios

Yun Jang looking at professional prints

Editions by Yun Jang

Seamless print fulfillment from start to finish

We work closely with our artists through every step of the process from the start of a project to its final delivery, and we do our best to accommodate our artists' individual needs. Oftentimes, artists come to our studio during the printing process to sign and edition their prints prior to packing. Others produce Certificates of Authenticity to include when they cannot be present for signing.

BKX Certificates of Authenticity badge

Fulfillment for Sofia Zubi, artist edition

Sofia Zubi artist edition

Partnering with us eliminates the need for artists to dedicate time or studio space to figure out the fulfillment logistics of their projects, allowing them to focus on their artistic practice instead. They will not need to store prints and packing materials, package, send, or track their shipments. If issues arise with damaged or lost packages, we personally follow up with claims and replacements so the process remains seamless.

Custom artwork shipping for Michael Oliver Lowe

Custom shipping and white label branding

We offer several custom shipping options. We can roll prints to be shipped in a variety of tubes or boxes, or we can pack prints flat with cardboard cut to any size. The cardboard we use for shipments is extra heavy duty triple ply cardboard that is as strong as wood yet a fraction of the weight. For large print volumes, we can custom crate and ship entire editions safely anywhere. Personalized branding can be incorporated into our packaging through white label stickers attached to the outside of the box.

We provide worldwide shipping through FedEx, where each customer receives a notification of shipment as well as tracking information. All prints are secured with protective archival materials and are prepared with the utmost care to ensure they reach their destination safely.

* For more detail about shipping and international shipping rates, please visit our dedicated Packing & Shipping page here

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