Hybrid Printing - Logan Sylve, 'No Patience'

Logan Sylve, 'No Patience'

Hybrid Prints

Breaking boundaries in print production

When Brooklyn Editions adopted the acronym 'BKX', our concept was that the 'X' would stand for the limitless number of possibilities when it came to our approach to fine art editions. As a studio dedicated to creating prints of the highest possible standard, we combine our technical skill, commitment to quality, and love of the print medium to reach results beyond the norms of inkjet archival printing. With all members of our studio coming from diverse creative backgrounds, we are always in search of new ideas and capabilities as printers.

If you have a special project you'd like to work on with us, please send us an inquiry. We look forward to connecting.

Hybrid Silkscreen Prints from Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' Suite II

Prints from Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' Suite II

Exploring the artistic potential of hybrid silkscreen and inkjet printing

We find that many artists are interested in adding elements that are not available via inkjet, such as metallics, fluorescents, iridescent inks, varnishes, and more. Beyond our fine art printing, we explore ways to expand what we know of the print process. By incorporating mixed-media or hybrid processes on top of the digital giclée, we broaden the possibilities of an artist edition. 

Silkscreen can be combined with an archival inkjet print to achieve texture, finish, and colors otherwise typically unattainable on its own. The option to print with white and metallic inks, fluorescent color, or other specialty pigments and varnishes can elevate any print.

Hybrid Silkscreen Prints from Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' Suite II

Prints from Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' Suite II

Bridging tradition and technology: What Hybrid Printing offers

Hybrid Printing creates a fusion of traditional and contemporary approaches resulting in prints that are rich and visually captivating. Silkscreen is a highly versatile medium that can be utilized to add specific embellishments to enhance any print. Reach out to learn more about what we do with silkscreen.

Hybrid silkscreen and inkjet processes can offer exploration in:


Silkscreen printing can introduce tactile textures to an inkjet print. By using specially formulated inks or by building physical layers through multiple passes of ink, you can create raised or textured areas that add dimension and interest to the print.

Metallic and Specialty Inks

Silkscreen printing allows for the use of metallic and other specialty inks that are otherwise inaccessible via inkjet printers. White ink, fluorescents, and custom-formulated iridescents are also made available. Metallic and speciality inks can create a striking effect, particularly when combined with the precise registration of silkscreen printing.

Closeup of Hybrid Prints texture

Closeup of gold leaf hybrid prints

Spot Varnishes and Selective Coatings

Spot varnishes and other selective coatings can be applied to specific areas of an inkjet print via silkscreen. This technique can create contrast by adding gloss, satin, or matte finishes to certain parts of the image to enhance specific details or elements. 

Overprinting or Additional Layers

Additional layers on top of an inkjet print can introduce new colors, patterns, or designs. This silkscreen layering technique allows for intricate and detailed effects that can transform the original print into a more complex and visually engaging artwork.

Personalization and Customization

Silkscreen offers artists the opportunity to personalize or customize inkjet prints to create limited editions and one-of-a-kind variations. Silkscreen masks can be generated from a wide range of source materials: personal photographs and documents, hand-lettered text and signatures, unique marks and drawings, flat objects and more, can be converted into a printable silkscreen layer.

Archival pigment print with silkscreen gloss varnish -Carole Feuerman Serena 2023 - BeforeArchival pigment print with silkscreen gloss varnish -Carole Feuerman Serena 2023 - After

Brooklyn Editions logomark BKX
Carole Feuerman

Archival pigment print with silkscreen gloss varnish

For this edition, a custom-formulated clear gloss varnish was applied to the cap and lips of the figure. The image itself was printed with our archival inkjet printers, before the gloss varnish was printed on top via silkscreen. This edition included 4 different colorways of the same image with identical gloss treatment.

Learn more about Carole Feuerman's edition in our article about this project.

Diamond dust for multi-dimensional embellishment

Adding diamond dust to prints is a luxurious technique that has stunning visual effects. The diamond dust our studio uses consists of finely crushed particles of synthetic diamond crystals. Synthetic diamond crystals in comparison to authentic diamonds not only make the material more accessible on costs alone, but result in a more striking effect. As synthetic crystals are less dense than authentic diamonds they do not sink into ink and dull their reflectivity, so when they are applied to a print these diamond crystals create an elegant sparkling surface.

Archival pigment print with diamond dust - Logan Sylve 'No Patience' Edition

Logan Sylve 'No Patience' Edition

Adding diamond dust to prints can create a multidimensional effect and textures, particularly when combined with the right subject matter or design. Diamond crystals come in various degrees of coarseness with each of them having a unique look. Diamond dust can be applied to select masked areas by silkscreen printing an adhesive medium, or by covering the entire surface for an all-over effect.

Logan Sylve
No Patience
Brooklyn Editions logomark BKX

Archival pigment print with diamond dust

For this edition, diamond dust was carefully added to masked-out areas of the print. After the digital print was made, a clear archival adhesive was applied to the surface via silkscreen and then quickly dusted with a fine grain of diamond dust to achieve its luminous sparkling finish.

Read more about this diamond dust process in our article on Logan Sylve's edition here.

Hybrid prints are only available for larger editions

Due to meticulous and labor intensive set up costs, we cannot produce our hybrid prints as one-offs in a cost effective manner. Most runs require editions of about 50 prints to reach a good price point where production makes sense.

We work to find a way to ensure these hybrid editions can be produced perfectly and at a price point that is market-friendly for the special value of these exceptional prints. If you have inquiries, please contact us here.

Quotes are custom, just like the prints

The unique factors in each hybrid project make it impossible to have standardized costs, so all projects are considered and quoted on their own basis. Our studio will work with clients to help strategize on both techniques and costs.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of the project and consider these factors when setting expectations for a quote:

Personalization and Customization

Set-up costs are tailored to the demands of the project and cover all necessary preparatory steps in getting the project signed-off and into production. This is a critical step of the hybrid process where we work extensively to finalize print files, determine the production techniques and processes used, materials, and any additional finishing steps needed.

Set-up costs can include:

File finalization and any digital work needed
Printing of any film masks needed 
Preparation of the silkscreen(s)
Experimentation and determination of materials, such as ink(s) and any special additives
Physical set-up for the silkscreen printing matrix, including any registration, curing, drying, or dry finishing systems

The quantity and size of the underlying inkjet prints

Our inkjet printing services are bulk priced just like any standard edition and we will work with clients to determine the best materials, print size, and quantity for the project.

Digital editing and work on files for inkjet printing

Files that need specific tuning for the inkjet print portion can be subject to our digital services rates. Any retouching and Photoshop edits will include small scale proofs for client approval before production commences.

The level of customization or personalization involved

Some processes are more demanding, time-consuming, resource-driven, or manually laborious than others. We aim to meet the visions of our clients at every turn, and are sure to thoroughly consider only the most appropriate processes for each individual project.

External considerations that may affect the price, such as rush orders, or additional services requested

No project is ever the same and we are highly sensitive to that fact. Fast turnarounds or any additional requirements can affect quotes, so please alert our studio of any hard deadlines or custom requests as soon as possible.

All these details are important to getting an accurate estimate and production plan for each project. If you would like to discuss a project, please contact us here

Hand Embellishments

Many artists choose to individually embellish their digital pigment prints to create unique multimedia pieces that expand upon the print itself. The variety of printable surfaces creates ample opportunities for any concept.

Most of our media can be painted on, gold leafed, sewn, embroidered, laser cut, folded, scored, varnished, encased in resin, and much more. Our clients have done just about everything to these prints, we can provide suggestions for ideal surfaces for experimentation, and share our knowledge of these alternate processes.

Metallic leaf prints with hand embellishments

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