Carol Feuerman's 'Serena' print installed at Galeries Bartoux, at the opening of 'Sea Idylls' in New York, 2023


Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' Suite II Released

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Holding up Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' print, color variation 1, where a female figure wearing an orange swim cap rests against a yellow pool float, against a bright indigo background
Holding up Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' print, color variation 2, where a female figure wearing a bright blue swim cap rests against a bright green pool float, against a pink background
Holding up Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' print, color variation 3, where a female figure wearing a pink swim cap rests against an indigo pool float, against a bright yellow-green background
Holding up Carole Feuerman's 'Serena' print, color variation 4, where a female figure wearing a blue swim cap rests against an orange pool float, against a turquoise background
Exhibition installation of 'Serena' print, color variation 4 and color variation 1 on the wall
Exhibition shot of people looking at 'Serena' color variation 1 at the opening of 'Sea Idylls' at Galeries Bartoux
Crowd shot of gallery visitors looking at 'Serena', color variation 3 at the 'Sea Idylls' opening
Woman looking at 'Serena', color variation 1 at the 'Sea Idylls' opening at Galeries Bartoux
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Galeries Bartoux - New York

104 Central Park South

New York, 10019

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Carole Feuerman has debuted new works, featuring a re-imagined print suite of Serena which we produced, at Galeries Bartoux. Feuerman has been an iconic pillar of the art world for years, credited as one of the pioneers of hyperrealism, and her monumental exhibition Sea Idylls is an attestation to that. Getting to work with her and her studio on this hybrid print was a major project for us.

When Carole's studio first approached us with this project idea, it was with the expectation that the final print suite would be an updated, re-imaged version of the first Serena print suite Carole had published over a decade ago. Carole as an artist has never shied away from flair, and incorporating material embellishments in the forms of jewels, iridescent finishes, or high-gloss glazes have been part of her signature style that accompany her already ultra-refined work. With most of her work based primarily in the genre of sculpture, it was essential for these prints being flatworks to receive the needed elevation to not only push their hyperreal effect, but to also add Carole's trademark touch of sophisticated glamor.

Our studio handled the production of this print, from extensive digital editing of the supplied image files, all the way to the inkjet archival printing, and final silkscreen embellishments. We worked very closely with Carole and her team to determine the colors between all 4 variations, as well as conceptualize the final silkscreen layer. The prints, once image files were finalized, were printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/sm — a paper that has become our favorite to use in hybrid process editions that require silkscreen. Due to its weight and α-cellulose formulation, this paper has the necessary rigidity to hold a combination of wet material without buckling or wrinkles, while being an excellent textured surface for highly-detailed inkjet printing.

We rented studio space from an external Brooklyn-based artist studio, Carousel's Press, where we completed the silkscreen portion of the project. A water aqueous gloss varnish was custom-formulated and tested for this project to ensure the lowest bubbling and texture while guaranteeing the highest transparency and gloss. Prints were also subject to pin-point registration to make sure the gloss layer landed within critical margins on the image. Each print was hand-pulled via manual silkscreen by our studio.

The Serena suite was presented as part of Sea Idylls, amongst more new sculptural, video, and installation work by Carole Feuerman. In addition to the showing at Galeries Bartoux, Carole's larger-than-life sculptures also opened for public view all the way down Madison Avenue.

Exhibition photos were taken by Brooklyn Editions. Artwork courtesy by the artist, Carole Feuerman, and Galeries Bartoux.


Carole Feuerman's print suite Serena in production

Holding up a freshly silkscreened print of Serena, to inspect the high-gloss varnish on the swim cap and lips

Serena print on press getting set up for the silkscreen gloss layer