Maya Lin 'Ghost Forest Seedlings' on exhibition at Pace Gallery, printed by Brooklyn Editions in 2023


Maya Lin releases her ‘Ghost Forest Seedings’ Edition

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Pace Verso

540 W 25th St

New York, NY 10001

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We worked with Pace Verso to produce the physical print component of Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest Seedlings edition. This is the artist’s first-ever generative art project prepared with the experimental Web3 studio E.A.T_WORKS. 

Connected to her 2021 installation Ghost Forest that brought 50 Atlantic white cedar trees to Madison Square Park, Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest Seedlings shows individual and grouped seeds that grow into complex root systems over a set period of time. The project was released as a unique edition of 500 works, with no work being the same. 

Each work from the edition consists of three parts: a physical print showing a unique complex root system, a generative NFT of the seed that tracks its real-time growth, and a video time lapse showing the seed(s) final growth pattern over time. Our studio handled the physical print and fulfillment component of the edition, as well as the prints that went up for display at Pace Gallery’s West 25th St gallery in celebration of the launch of September 18th. Each print was printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo, individually hand deckled, and then signed by the artist.

Released in time for Climate Week, Ghost Forest Seedlings represents Maya Lin’s ongoing commitment to drawing attention to critical environmental issues through her work. The seeds in Ghost Forest Seedlings are set to grow for predetermined periods of time, anywhere from one hour to three months, representing the intricate living root systems that inhabit our world subterraneously. The artist’s specific algorithm for this project emphasizes the organic, creating unique iterations that follow the same sensitivity of those found in nature. 

For purchasing information, please visit Pace Verso’s article here.

Exhibition and studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions, artwork courtesy of Maya Lin, E.A.T__WORKS, Pace Verso, Pace Gallery


Printing exhibition prints for Ghost Forest Seedlings at the Brooklyn Editions studio, on view at Pace Gallery for preview.

Each print is hand-deckled, and printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper.