Exhibition wall installation of Malik Yusef Cumbo's black and white photographs at 'Rhythm, Bass and Place' at CCCADI


'Rhythm, Bass and Place': Malik Yusef Cumbo's Documentation of Black Music History

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Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI)

120 E 125th Street

New York, NY, 10035

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Rhythm, Bass and Place: Connections and Reflections on Music of the African Diaspora is a monumental and all-inclusive 5-month long exhibition and celebration hosted and planned by the CCCADI. Curated by Lynnée Denise, this expansive show traces the rich and migratory history of Black music in select areas of the United States, United Kingdom, and Caribbean over the last thee decades.

Malik Yusef Cumbo is a photographer, artist, filmmaker, and producer. Cumbo started his photography career early in life, endlessly inspired and supported by his mother Fikisha Cumbo, a photojournalist. His involvement and practice in photography would carry him into both higher education and professional creative spaces, from the set, studio, to eventually recording rooms. Malik photographed many of the greatest Black recording artists over his career, and these vibrant captures taken between the 1970s - 2000s can be seen as part of Rhythm, Bass and Place: Through the Lens, alongside work by other photo documentarian Joe Conzo Jr.

It is always amazing to get the opportunity to work with creative people so prolific and, who at the core of their work, have been at the center of such exciting historical movements. In working with Malik, we helped to process, fine-tune, and print images of some of the most iconic individuals who have contributed to culture here and abroad.

We printed Malik's black and white photographs on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White, which were then mounted on dibond, ready for immediately display at CCCADI. This was a significant body of work that we felt turned out spectacular once completed.

The full exhibition of Rhythm, Bass and Place features a full roster of performances and events over its 5-month long run, that all seek to present on-the-ground stories, stages, and celebrations that provide scope to the irrefutably distinguishable mark that Black culture, creativity, and ingenuity have left on the sonic landscape of the United States and abroad. Malik Yusef Cumbo and Joe Conzo Jr.'s particular showcase was launched during the global celebration of Hip-Hop's 50th anniversary, making its opening an extra special occasion.

Studio photographs and exhibition photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions Inc. All artwork and photographs courtesy of Malik Yusef Cumbo.


Remembrance and Kinship 70s-00s Virtual Curatorial Talk with curator Lynnée Denise, Malik Yusek Cumbo, and Joe Conzo Jr., produced by CCCADI.

Malik Yusef Cumbo's photographs for Rhythm, Bass and Place laid out on the print tables at our studio

Joe Conzo Jr (left) and Malik Yusef Cumbo (right) talking at the opening of Rhythm, Bass and Place: Through the Lens. Photograph courtesy of CCCADI.