Installation view of Reeva Potoff's '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco' hung up like scrolls at the Aldrich Museum, 2022


Reeva Potoff's Towering Prints at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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Installation view of '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco', where scrolls lifting 8-foot long prints of grey mold and texture are suspended from the ceiling
Installation view of 'Mica Schist', featuring 2 rows of black and white photos of close-up textures of a rock
One print of '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco' coing out of an inkjet printer at the Brooklyn Editions studio
Holding up a print from '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco' for inspection
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The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

258 Main Street

Ridgefield, CT 06877

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Reeva Potoff has debuted new work for 52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone, an exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum commemorating the 51th year anniversary of Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists hosted by the museum in 1971. Having created work for the original Twenty Six exhibition, Potoff returns to 52 with a towering installation of new prints which we helped the artist produce.

The title of the work, 8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco, currently on view in the Project Space shows six archival inkjet prints we worked on with Reeva, suspended in the air from rolls. Each of these prints cascades straight down to drape gently at the floor of the space, giving the appearance of scrolls. We printed these huge-scale prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth on our P20000, for a seamless, uninterrupted effect. These were amongst the largest prints we put out this year! It is always an exciting task getting something out this big.

The content of these scrolls look like organic textiles, or biological views seen down a microscope. The actual source isn't too far off, as they are images of mold grown on coffee. Reeva calls this imagery and installation "wallpaper for the 21st century" — a pertinent examination on the passage of time, the permanence of impermanence, and how both those facets of life affect our environments, that in this day and age, exist even more precariously and delicately than ever.

Potoff's studio practice centers around these everyday facts, microbiomes, and forms of life. As a reiteration and follow-up to her piece 51 years prior at Twenty Six, titled Mica Schist, that features 2 rows of 8" x 10" photo composites of rock details in Central Park, 8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco shows growth in many ways, physical and interior.

LINK | Hear artist Reeva Potoff describe her works, Mica Schist, (1971/2021) and 8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco, (2017–21), in the Aldrich exhibition, 52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone. Produced by the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Installation photos courtesy of the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, showing works Mica Schist, (1971/2021) and 8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco, (2017–21). All artwork courtesy of the artist, Reeva Potoff. Studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions Inc.

Person holding up a print from the '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco' series for inspection

Inspecting one of the prints part of 8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco

Reeva Potoff in the studio looking at final prints of her '8Veil & B&G mold & GreyStucco' series out on a table

Reeva Potoff at the Brooklyn Editions studio looking at the final prints that were going into the exhibition