Ole Aakjær 'The Pink Soul' at Chase Contemporary

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Chase Contemporary

413 W Broadway

New York, NY 10012

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We have produced editions with Chase Contemporary of work from Danish artist Ole Aakjær's The Pink Soul solo exhibition at the gallery. The artist's second solo with the gallery, the exhibition will feature new works done in his traditional illustrative style.

Editions that totaled up to a 100 prints were produced of select pieces from The Pink Soul, were printed on Hahnemühle German Etching. Two of which were also hand-deckled on all four sides to give the print an extra elevation.

The subjects of The Pink Soul are women. Inspired by female heroines, Aakjær depicts women in different compositions of strength and power. In describing one of the works, Queen on a Throne, he says “times are changing. A new kind of feminist is taking over the world. She conquers the throne, looks around, and begins to redefine the rules.” The color Pink itself, for a long time attached to images of fragility and weakness, has experienced reclamation within a contemporary framing.

“The underlying theme of this exhibition is existentialism - a statement about realizing oneself. Expressed through the female mind.” - Ole Aakjær

Exhibition photographs courtesy of Chase Contemporary. All work courtesy of the artist, Ole Aakjær.


Ole Aakjær's Queen on a Throne coming out of our printers

Work by Ole Aakjær in our studio