Exhibition view of 'New Work: Erin Shirreff' on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2019


'New Work: Erin Shirreff' at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

151 3rd St

San Francisco, CA 94103

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Opening at the San Francisco Museum of Art is, New Work: Erin Shirreff, the artist's first solo museum presentation in the West Coast US. A diverse show, including a curated selection of recent sculptures and photographic works, Shirreff displays her signature forms in dimensions and representations both distorted and offset.

New Work is the title of an ongoing series at the museum since 1987, however the name does not apply to the ideas and concepts in this show; for Erin Shirreff, concerning the space between objects and their representations has been a career-long practice. Working across mediums, Shirreff as a sculptor, has many mediums at her disposal. Bronze, foamboard, printed media are all things utilized by the artist to push a consideration of physicality.

The photographic prints in this show are prints we worked on with Erin, done in her categorical style of scoring each flatwork to give it a third dimension. The images are offset composites of physical sculptures, bringing each form into a new, refracted light. Printed on warm coated 100% cotton rag paper, the prints are then carefully scored (either concave or convexly) to give each one its signature bend.

Read more about the work in this show in an interview with Erin Shirreff and SMOMA here.

Exhibition photographs and artwork photographs courtesy of SFMOMA. All work courtesy of the artist, Erin Shirreff.


Erin Shirreff in installation at the SMOMA, 2019