Mikael Levin in our studio scoring and folding his Leporello album 'CAFÉ DE LA FRONTIÈRE'


Mikael Levin, 'CAFÉ DE LA FRONTIÈRE', 30ft Leporello Album

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Jewish Museum Munich


1680331 Munich, Germany

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We worked with prominent artist Mikael Levin to produce a 30ft long Leporello album for his work titled CAFÉ DE LA FRONTIÈRE, exhibited at the Jewish Museum of Munich's Sag Schibbolet! in cooperation with the Jewish Museum of Hohenems. This custom work was printed on Moab Entrada and hand folded by the artist in our studio.

Mikael Levin is an artist whose work explores place, identity, and temporality. CAFÉ DE LA FRONTIÈRE is a project that uses photographs from the artist's Borders (1993) series, featuring captures of recently abandoned border crossings between France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. The political implications of borders, their effects on our physical landscape, and their significance in our relationship to space and our positioning in the world are dissected in these images.

This project was our first Leporello album, and was a one-off exclusive edition done with Mikael. Its length of 30ft was printed on Moab paper with our printers, and each 'page' was measured, scored, and then hand folded into a long accordion-like shape. The photographs, printed at the same size form a seemingly endless landscape of liminal, transient spaces in the world.

Exhibition photographs courtesy of the Jewish Museum of Munich, taken and copyright of Franz Kimmel. Studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions. All works and photographs courtesy of Mikael Levin.


Our custom scoring set up for this 30ft long print!

Hand folded and pressed by Mikael Levin in our studio