Martha Edelheit signing her limited edition print of 'Tattooed Lady', 2023 version, produced with Brooklyn Editions and Her Clique.


Martha Edelheit Limited Edition: Presenting The Tattooed Lady

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Holding up fine art print by Martha Edelheit, titled 'Tattooed Lady', where a painted woman with tattoos on her body is bent in a downwards dog pose against a bright blue sky
Martha Edelheit sitting down to sign a print from her edition of the 'Tattooed Lady' in the Brooklyn Editions studio, 2023
Martha Edelheit signing a print from her edition of the 'Tattooed Lady' in the Brooklyn Editions studio, 2023
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January 25 - March 18, 2023

July 22, 2022 - January 8, 2023

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We worked with Her Clique to produce a special, extremely limited print edition with artist Martha Edelheit. The print return of Edelheit's iconic Tattoed Lady from 1962 — with a twist: a brand new tattoo! The release of this edition follows Edelheit's showcase at the Jewish Museum and solo exhibition at Eric Firestone Gallery.

We have helped to produce many print collaborations and editions with Her Clique, but this was the first instance where we worked directly with one of their artists to create something new. When we first met Edelheit, "Martie", she came in with a million questions about digital printing and editioning. This being the first digital edition she had done, it was important to her to have a hands-on understanding of the process.

At first, Martie wasn't sure what she wanted to do, but after some experimentation, she decided to reimagine the Tattooed Lady. We helped Martie conceptualize, plan, retouch, and painstakingly color-correct the finalized image file for this edition before we printed it. The final Tattoeed Lady was printed on Hahnemühle Sugar Cane, a new Natural Line paper we had just started experimenting with. This rag paper, made from 70% sugar cane fibers and 30% cotton, has a distinct sugar texture somewhat reminiscent to a cold press texture, however with a more organic and less regimented pattern. Its nice physical weight and warm paper tone really helped to push the blue background of the artwork. According to Martie, the when seen in real life, the original Tattooed Lady illuminates a whole room due to both its size but immeasurably vibrant blue background, and it was a goal of ours to ensure the same effect in this edition.

Painted more than 50 years ago, it's amazing how contemporary the subject matter of this painting feels today. We added a new tattoo to the figure, a drawing done from a recent picture of a frog Martie took in her garden in Sweden. The Tattooed Lady is available for purchase through Her Clique, with 25% of sales going to support Planned Parenthood, and 25% going towards Doctors Without Borders.

Studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions Inc. Artwork courtesy of the artist, Martha Edelheit.

Martha Edelheit browsing Hahnemühle fine art papers at the Brooklyn Editions studio

Browsing our paper selection with Martha Edelheit in our studio

Sitting in front of a computer screen doing Photoshop work and retouching on a print file with Martha Edelheit at the Brooklyn Editions studio

Photoshop work and retouching done to the supplied image file to get it perfect for print