Installation view of Jill Magid's 'Homage CMYK' at Dia Bridgehampton, 2020


Homage CMYK: Jill Magid at Dia Bridgehampton

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Dia Bridgehampton / The Dan Flavin Art Institute

23 Corwith Ave

Bridgehampton, NY 11932

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Homage CMYK, an extensive project by Jill Magid has gone up at Dia Bridgehampton for their summer exhibition. This project culminates collaborative efforts between Jill Magid, Brooklyn Editions, and Powerhouse Art's own silkscreen expert Luther Davis.

Magid's series Homage CMYK comes out of a real story between Josef Albers and Luis Barragán. Unlicensed reproductions of Josef Albers' Homage to the Square were created, and eventually bought by Barragán to put up in his home. As both arists shared a good relationship, it is said that Albers was amused by the action and approved of their display. Thus was a the start of Magid's years-long investigation on the concept of ownership, artistic legacy, and the slippages that exist between what is caringly protected and exclusively controlled.

High resolution scans were created from books by Luis Barragán that features these reproductions. Environmental factors such as the light and shadow, captured in the photographs of these reproductions, were also included. This was yet another layer of narrative change that existed on top of these images. We helped to image optimize the scan files extensively, adjusting the natural skews of the photographs and re-flattening them to proportions held by their original iterations.

Jill Magid is a conceptual artist, writer, and filmmaker whose work centers around structures of power, and the tensions that exist between institution and individual agency. Magid's Homage CMYK investigates the authorship associated with images, and the varying levels of intimacy between difference parties, licensed and unlicensed, that make changes to that. This is not the first work of hers in relation to Barragán, in 2019 the artist released the film The Proposal that too seeks to push these boundaries and democratize access to art.

Exhibition photographs courtesy of Dia Bridgehampton and Jill Magid. All work courtesy of the artist, Jill Magid.


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