Installation view of 'Monograph', by Erin Shirreff at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston


Erin Shirreff's Forms at ICA Boston

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Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

25 Harbor Shore Drive

Boston, MA 02210

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Emerging artist Erin Shirreff's sculptures and photographic work has both gone into exhibition, and entered the permanent collection at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Shirreff's work is a representation of her sculptural objects across multiple dimensions — both physical and perceived.

Shirreff's sculptural works on display are from a series the artist calls Drops. These works are born from a process where the artist takes hand-cut shapes made from scraps of paper, enlarges them, and then uses them to cut sheets of steel. The print work in this collection follow a similar nature, such as Monograph, where photographs of sculptures she has created are taken, cut in half, and re-assembled to create a fragmented view of the overall form. Each print is also then scored and folded down the middle, to Shirreff, as reference to book binding.

Both Shirreff's process and its final result are culminations of the artists ongoing study to examine the gaps, or 'slippings', between our perception of forms and their physicality in space. Sculptures are made from flat images. Images of sculptures exist that then also have a sculptural component. We worked with Erin to produce her print works, where we proofed, retouched, printed, and then scored the final images.

Exhibition photographs courtesy of ICA Boston. All works courtesy of the artist, Erin Shirreff.