Installation view of 'The Long and Short of It', solo exhibition by Danny Simmons at Westwood Gallery NYC


Danny Simmons, 'The Long and Short of It', opens at Westwood Gallery

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Installation view of 'The Long and Short of It', featuring 5 paintings of abstract-pattern-textile works, in reds, yellow, browns, blues, and purples
Installation view of 'The Long and Short of It', featuring 3 abstract textile paintings, and 2 floor-length scroll paintings, in reds, yellow, purples, browns, greens
'Aint She Lovely', oil on fabric painting that featured red painted circles over a collage of Indigenous textiles, floral patterns in blues, greens, and browns
'Open the Drapes', oil on fabric painting, featuring a collage of rainbow, Indigenous dot pattern, African floral pattern, and geometric shapes
'The Big Picture', oil on fabric, with thick painted circles clustering over a collaged textile of brown repetitive swirls, painted in dark blues, ochres, and browns
Installation view of a diptych of large abstract-patterned paintings, the right one painted in ochres, reds, and blues, and the left in greens, browns, and reds
'The Painter', oil on canvas featuring a black nude figure painting the image of a yellow sun, with swirling blue vines connecting them
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Westwood Gallery NYC

262 Bowery

New York, NY 10012

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The Long and Short of It, a solo exhibition of work by Danny Simmons premiered at Westwood Gallery in New York's Bowery. The opening amassed a huge crowd of peers and supporters of the artist, interested in seeing his newest work. Among these are a series of Simmons' multimedia works on paper, which we helped to print layers of which were then worked on top of.

Our studio has had a long relationship with Danny Simmons, having come into contact with the artist and his foundation, Rush Arts Philanthropic years ago. Over this time, we've helped Danny to print multiple iterations and variations of his work on Hahnemühle German Etching, which he then takes and continues to paint, embellish, and collage on top of. The Long and Short of It comes at the same time our sponsorship collaboration with Rush Arts launched, where we produced a special portfolio of twelve artists' work to commemorate Rush's 25th anniversary (which you can read about here).

Danny's work is primarily of an abstract nature; utilizing motifs that emanated from indigenous origins and tribal African art to create expressive and colorful compositions that re-envision the routes of African history over time. Pattern and iconography play a huge part in Danny's work. In particular, his collage works that were made out of the prints we did all look like weavings of different cloth and textile, each with their geographical and cultural origins, that have been brought together. It is always exciting for us to see the work we do with a client get use in alternate means to see even fresher ideas and concepts form.

Exhibition photographs taken by and courtesy of Westwood Gallery NYC. All artwork courtesy of the artist, Danny Simmons.

'The Painter', archival print reproduction laying out on a print table at our studio

Our print of Danny Simmons The Painter, 1999 at our studio

Crowd shot of the opening night of 'The Long and Short of It' at Westwood Gallery NYC

Opening night of The Long and Short of It at Westwood Gallery NYC