Orkhan Mammadov in the studio holding prints from the 'Carpetdiem' edition, 2023


Carpetdiem: Orkhan Mammadov's 1001 Magic Carpets

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Orkhan Mummadov


For private sale and collection

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We worked with new media artist Orkhan Mammadov on printing editions from his Carpetdiem series, featuring 1001 unique generative carpets. Built from an algorithm that recursively divides geometric shapes again and again, these fractal carpets reframe the craftsmanship traditions of his home country of Azerbaijan.

Carpetdiem is proof that there is magic in mathematics. No carpet is generated as the same but each piece belongs truly to its root inspiration. Based on the Sierpiński carpet, a recursive fractal system that endlessly divides equilateral triangles, the resultant pieces are beautifully intricate explorations of shape and pattern.

We printed Orkhan's carpets on Hahnemühle German Etching — one of our favourite fine art textured surfaces. The refined surface gave a certain tactility to the complex shapes of the carpets, and the natural white of the paper worked well with the earthy tones of each piece. Orkhan's Carpetdiem editions are currently on sale via Opensea, and through private channel with the artist.

Studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions. All work courtesy of Orkhan Mummadov.


One of Orkhan's carpets getting printed at Brooklyn Editions