Installation view of 'Black Exodus: Act I — Materia Prima', solo exhibition of Lina Iris Viktor, at Amar Gallery London in 2017


Black Exodus Act I: Amar Gallery exhibits Lina Iris Viktor

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Amar Gallery

48 Penton Street

London, N1 9QA

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Amar Gallery in London presents Black Exodus: Act I - Materia Prima by Lina Iris Viktor. This is Victor's first solo exhibit in London which showcases her signature contrasts in black and gold. 3-dimensional works that combine photography, painting, and gold gilding are on view that represent the artist's ongoing exploration of Blackness as color, matter, and concept.

This collaboration with Lina allowed us to explore best practices when combining an inkjet print with paint, and other materials, to produce these mesmerizing works. Gold is an important part of Viktor's work. Studying ancient gilding techniques, and tracing the history and symbolism of it, this material represents more than just a color and embellishment. Gold presents the finite and infinite, the micro and macro, evanescence and eternity. Originating deep from the Earth, and used to birth the figures and forms coming out of the dark matter Blackness, Viktor's very own philosophy of materia prima (trans: raw material) is conceived.

Moreso, Black and Gold possess representations also critical to Viktor's study:

"Black Exodus explores the charged topic of race universally, lifting the veil of seemingly ‘colour-blind’ societies, and reinvestigating stereotypes surrounding “blackness”. Across the globe, throughout history and to this very day, the black race has suffered subjugation and marginalisation, and “blackness” has become indicative of deficiency, or absence. The exhibition repositions the colour as a ‘materia prima’ - the ultimate presence that is the source of all matter, all people and all life; it is the place from which gold and precious materials are mined, and in which stars and planets are born."

Exhibition photographs courtesy of Amar Gallery. All artwork courtesy of the artist, Lina Iris Viktor.


Lina Iris Viktor standing in front of her gold and black embellished works at Amar Gallery