Colleen Barry posing in front of works in progress, 'Lupa', 'Mama', and 'Take This Fire'


3 New Limited Editions by Colleen Barry

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Holding up print of 'Lupa' by Colleen Barry, that shows a human-wolf hybrid creature holding young infants protectively, painted in bright yellow colors
Holding up print 'Mama' by Colleen Barry, that shows a maternal dog nursing human infants with a motif of a green reptilian face in the background, painted in neon pinks and warm orange colors
Holding up print 'Take This Fire' by Colleen Barry, that shows a maternal figure holding 2 infants next to a burning flame and set against a backdrop of hills and nature, painted in bright greens, yellows, and light blue colors
Colleen Barry posing in front of paintings 'Lupa', 'Mama', and 'Take This Fire' in progress inside of an artist's studio
Colleen wearing a cut out mask of a wolf head posing in front of works 'Lupa' and 'Mama' in progress
Close up detail photograph of print 'Mama' in the Brooklyn Editions studio
Detail previews of all 3 prints 'Mama', 'Lupa', and 'Take This Fire', zoomed in to show paper texture
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Colleen Barry Limited Editions


Original paintings shown at SPRING/BREAK

Curated by Joanne Tucker

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Colleen Barry is back with a new set of limited editions in her signature vibrant, neon palette. Originally premiered at Colleen's solo presentation at Booth 1006 at the SPRING/BREAK art show in September 2022, the release of these 3 artworks in archival pigment form is the latest in her ongoing print work. LUPA, MAMA, and TAKE THIS FIRE went on sale on May 14th to collectors lucky enough to catch the limited time release of these prints.

We printed these 3 new editions on the same paper as our last collaboration, Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 g/sm. This paper has surely become a favourite of Colleen's due to its beautiful warm tone that works so harmoniously with her painter's palette. The subject matter this time was also figurative, but with fantastic and mythological elements and motifs. These prints, released in conjunction with Mother's Day, are also a nod towards Colleen's own experience with motherhood and how it is a continuous theme that plays more and more into her practice. In an interview with Booooooom, Colleen says:

“Since I became a mother of two daughters my artwork changed significantly. I moved away from portraits and started to paint the figure. I found the body could express ideas surrounding motherhood in a stronger, more powerful way. I also felt the need to include mammalian symbols in my paintings. I love the figure raw and striped down of ornament and cloth. Hands and feet in close communication. Flesh touching flesh. The scale of my work also changed to include larger more colorful canvases. Many of the figure compositions look like clusters or bundles of flesh, encompassing a feeling of tightness, bonding, holding. I feel the need to keep the bodies close together. I think that’s the protection instinct.”

These editions have been capped, and any new collectors looking for more work by Colleen will have to wait until her next release!

Photographs of Colleen and her paintings taken by Ava Perman. All work is courtesy of the artist, Colleen Barry. Studio photographs taken by Brooklyn Editions Inc.


Colleen signing Take This Fire at our studio

Visiting Colleen Barry's booth at SPRING/BREAK, where the original paintings of LUPA, MAMA, and TAKE THIS FIRE were debuted, in 2022