Over the years many clients contacted us after a hard drive crash or a computer was stolen, looking for copies of their files. Luckily we archive the files on our systems.  We began to see this as a common problem, and a simple, essential service we can provide. We understand how difficult it can be to stay on top of back ups. If you have never set up a regular system, it can feel intimidating. Often this only becomes an issue until its too late. The choices of software or complex RAID systems can seem  intimidating and expensive. We help artists, individuals and institutions better manage this task and find simple, cost-effective solutions.

Simple Redundant Solutions

With the low cost of hard drives  and easy to use software, back up solutions are affordable and accessible.

Archives Organized

We can help set up a system to organize and name files and folders to make locating your assets easy. We can take random files and folders and turn them into an easy to use archive and a system that is simple to understand.