Ester Partegas’ More World show at Foxy Production

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with multimedia artist Ester Partegàs for her new show More World. Working with Ester is always fun and she presents a different challenge every time. From giant garbage bags to French fries she continuously explores new ways to examine evidence of our disposable consumer culture in graphic and colorful ways. She is always interested in trying new and different surfaces. Ester is always focused on the consumption and marketing, so the surfaces we choose play an important role as an object and often must either compliment or contradict the subject matter. For this show she printed a series of French fries on beautiful Hahnemühle Photorag 308 paper and a created a light box of a landscape found on construction site mural in China which we printed on Back Light film.


Press Release: More World, ESTER PARTEGÀS' latest solo exhibition at Foxy Production, plays with perceptions of excess, anxiety, pleasure, and deprivation. More World combines wallpaper, drawings, prints, sculpture, and video in a charged environment of color and contrast. Nature within the city, packaging, and fast-food provide inspiration for the artist’s ironic takes on the psychic underpinnings of landscapes, surfaces, and objects. Partegàs unpacks Pop, contaminating it with trash, removing its logos and references, and infusing it with a corrupted photo-realism. Private and public spheres sit uneasily together, as the artist traces the process of consumption: from the birth of desires in marketing to the final transformation of products into trash, the symbol of depletion and, perhaps, death.

New Limited Edition Prints for Alex Gross

My brother the painter Alex Gross and I have finished work on some new limited edition prints that are now featured in his online store following his successful show Discrepancies at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Alex paints in oils with amazing detail and subtlety. Preserving this quality and satisfying his very particular eye is always a creative process. No matter how perfect a capture we start with, recreating the sensibilities of the oils is always a challenge. Adjusting contrast for a painting is very different than correcting for a photograph. Most paintings rarely have a perfect black or pure white so the corrections must preserve all of the shadow and highlight detail. Alex lives in LA, so our creative exchange is via FTP and Fedex. Generally one set of proofs and a file with a few adjustment layers gives him the options to get things looking exactly the way he wants.

Visit Alex's website to check out the editions:

More about Discrepancies Show At Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One) opening at Jonathan Levine and Print Release

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce The Rising, a series of new works by Parisian-born, Montréal-based artist Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One) in what will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery, as well as the release of two print editions featuring images from paintings in the exhibition. On the title of his show, in the artist’s words: “The Rising is the instant when a soul frees itself from a dying body and elevates toward a new state of life, a transition period where death becomes birth.”


Read more about it here.