New Limited Edition Prints for Alex Gross

My brother the painter Alex Gross and I have finished work on some new limited edition prints that are now featured in his online store following his successful show Discrepancies at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Alex paints in oils with amazing detail and subtlety. Preserving this quality and satisfying his very particular eye is always a creative process. No matter how perfect a capture we start with, recreating the sensibilities of the oils is always a challenge. Adjusting contrast for a painting is very different than correcting for a photograph. Most paintings rarely have a perfect black or pure white so the corrections must preserve all of the shadow and highlight detail. Alex lives in LA, so our creative exchange is via FTP and Fedex. Generally one set of proofs and a file with a few adjustment layers gives him the options to get things looking exactly the way he wants.

Visit Alex's website to check out the editions:

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