Erin Shirreff Halves and Wholes at Kunsthalle Basel

September 02 2016 – November 06 2016
Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7
CH-4051 Basel
We are proud to have been a part of Erin's first solo show in a European institution, especially one with such a rich history as the Kunsthalle Basel. We produced a series of 9 rich toned, black and white images on Innova Warm Cotton Gloss. Its a favorite paper for its 335 g/sm 100%  rag, optical brightener free, silvery baryta surface. 

Erin Shirreff is not a photographer, she would tell you, even if the photographic image lies at the center of her practice. Known primarily for her photo- and video-based work, Shirreff is part of a generation of young artists whose reflections on photography have revitalized the medium, but who refuse act as photographers in the classical sense. And whereas in her work it often appears that art historical references abound (for instance to Donald Judd and Tony Smith, in two pieces in her Kunsthalle Basel exhibition, or to Medardo Rosso and others in previous works), her resultant still and moving images are rarely actually “about” such seeming references. Instead they mine the vexed questions of how images mean and matter to us, and how we negotiate the distance between an object and its photographic representation, or between a photographic representation and our memory of the things it represents. 

Erin Shirreff Exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel
Erin Shirreff Halves and Wholes