Brooklyn Editions at Gowanus Open Studios and Cocktail Reception

We are happy to be participating in the expanded Gowanus Open Studios this fall. We will be showing a selected group of clients work, as well as some of my own. There are over 300 artists opening their doors to show work - by far the biggest GOS yet!
Come visit the open studios or join us for a cocktail reception on Saturday. Check out some incredible work,  see what we do, and have a drink. 

Cocktail reception at Brooklyn Editions  

Saturday October 15 from 5-8                                                                    

Open Studios at Brooklyn Editions                                                                                                 

Saturday - Sunday October 15 & 16 12-6                                                                                                             

251 19th Street Suite 1D Brooklyn NY 11215 near 5th Avenue

Featured Artists

Brooke Holm is an Australian photographer working in New York. Her work is centered on the photographers own exploration and perspective of the bond humans from with nature, each individual work depicts Holm's personal view of humans and nature as one and the same. The aerial viewpoint of each individual work depicts a woven landscape in various textures and shapes.

Michelle Zassenhaus  is an independent artist in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores spaces - in particular, the passage of time (through long exposures) and the human relationship to space.Her current work is an exploration of where the horizon can be found. Come see her Mural-sized large format pinhole images of the urban waterfront printed on Hahnemühle Photorag ultrasmooth 305.

Amy Helfand is a multi disciplinary artist who is featuring her gorgeous collection of hand knotted rugs. As an artist, musician, and designer, her work has included photography, drawing, collage, sculpture and installation in addition to her current exploration of these luxurious textiles. 

Stephen Gross is the owner and master printmaker at Brooklyn Editions. His work is focused on botanic forms, finding the border between abstract and literal, and between growth and decay. His macro images are shot with incredible detail and enlarged to mural size giving the viewer a completely immersive perspective.

Erin Shirreff Halves and Wholes at Kunsthalle Basel

September 02 2016 – November 06 2016
Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7
CH-4051 Basel
We are proud to have been a part of Erin's first solo show in a European institution, especially one with such a rich history as the Kunsthalle Basel. We produced a series of 9 rich toned, black and white images on Innova Warm Cotton Gloss. Its a favorite paper for its 335 g/sm 100%  rag, optical brightener free, silvery baryta surface. 

Erin Shirreff is not a photographer, she would tell you, even if the photographic image lies at the center of her practice. Known primarily for her photo- and video-based work, Shirreff is part of a generation of young artists whose reflections on photography have revitalized the medium, but who refuse act as photographers in the classical sense. And whereas in her work it often appears that art historical references abound (for instance to Donald Judd and Tony Smith, in two pieces in her Kunsthalle Basel exhibition, or to Medardo Rosso and others in previous works), her resultant still and moving images are rarely actually “about” such seeming references. Instead they mine the vexed questions of how images mean and matter to us, and how we negotiate the distance between an object and its photographic representation, or between a photographic representation and our memory of the things it represents. 

Erin Shirreff Exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel
Erin Shirreff Halves and Wholes

Lina Iris Viktor The Woven Arc

The Woven Arc

The Cooper Gallery / Harvard University, Boston

We worked closely with Lina to print large scale canvas prints which she later adorns with paint, gold leaf and jewels to create ornate hard to describe creations. Several of her pieces are part of a stunning new group show.

THE WOVEN ARC explores the visual dialogues between an unusual selection of artworks not usually posed in conversation with each other: figurative and abstract sculptures, paintings, prints, and textiles, along with mixed media and performance-based video. Three artworks from our permanent collection—a Yinka Shonibare Food Faerie, a Nick Cave Soundsuit, and a conceptual piece by Peter Sacks—inspired us to consider other artworks that vibrate and move with sumptuous surfaces, embedded texts, an overt and oblique presence of the black body, and our historical legacies of the African and African American experience. 

Large fine art print on canvas
Digital Prints on Canvas at an exhibition

Marc Asnin Uncle Charlie Exhibition

Queensborough Community College

22205 56th Avenue Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-1497

Following the success of his book Uncle Charlie and the critical acclaim, Marc put his first comprehensive exhibit of his 30 year project. We took the his scans from his negatives shot with Leica and Hasselblad film and created digital fiber prints on one our favorite papers; Innova warm tone gloss, a rag paper with a beautiful baryta surface that had everyone convinced that these prints were made in a traditional wet darkroom.


Erin Shirreff featured in Photo Poetics Exhibit at the Guggenheim NY

November 20, 2015–March 23, 2016

This group exhibition features more than 70 works by ten artists: Claudia Angelmaier, Erica Baum, Anne Collier, Moyra Davey, Leslie Hewitt, Elad Lassry, Lisa Oppenheim, Erin Shirreff, Kathrin Sonntag, and Sara VanDerBeek. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue will examine an important new development in contemporary photography, offering an opportunity to define the concerns of a younger generation of artists and contextualize their work within the history of art and visual culture. Drawing on the legacies of Conceptualism, these artists pursue a largely studio-based approach to still-life photography that centers on the representation of objects, often printed matter such as books, magazines, and record covers. The result is an image imbued with poetic and evocative personal significance—a sort of displaced self-portraiture—that resonates with larger cultural and historical meanings. Driven by a profound engagement with the medium of photography, these artists investigate the nature, traditions, and magic of photography at a moment characterized by rapid digital transformation. They attempt to rematerialize the photograph through meticulous printing, using film and other disappearing photo technologies, and creating artist’s books, installations, and photo-sculptures. While they are invested in exploring the processes, supports, and techniques of photography, they are also deeply interested in how photographic images circulate. Theirs is a sort of “photo poetics,” an art that self-consciously investigates the laws of photography and the nature of photographic representation, reproduction, and the photographic object.

Erin Shirreff "Arms Length" Opens at Sikkema Jenkins

We were happy to be a part of Erin's show, her first at Sikkema Jenkins. We produced large scale 42" x 70" toned Black & White images that were specially scored and framed in order to billow out. Erin Chose Innova Warm Cotton Gloss, a 100% rag, optical brightener free paper with a wonderful shimmer and depth. Its also the heaviest paper in its class which was a crucial element when the piece is actually more sculpture than print. The show includes many of Erin's large scale core ten steel sculptures, stone works, and cyanotypes as well.

Check out more here.

Large Format Exhibition Prints on Baryta Rag Paper
Exhibition Prints on Baryta Rag Paper
Brooklyn Editions Prints at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery
Brooklyn Editions digital photo Prints at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery

Alex Gross "Future Tense" opens at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Solo Exhibition
557C W 23rd Street
10/09/2014 through 11/08/2014

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Future Tense, a series of new oil paintings and mixed media works by Los Angeles-based artist Alex Gross in what will be his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. In conjunction with Future Tense, the artist will release a new monograph published by Gingko Press, which shares its title with the show and features 40 paintings completed between 2010 and 2014. 

In Future Tense, Gross portrays mankind as apathetically living in a world overwhelmed by advertising and propaganda. Captivated by technological devices and strategically branded products, his vacant and desensitized subjects appear before industrial factories, in television newsrooms, hyper-urban cityscapes or the bucolic countryside.

Gross’ paintings suggest that, in our culture, it is impossible to escape (even briefly) from corporate influence. In this exhibition, the artist expands upon themes of consumerism, industrialization and the omnipresent media, carefully treading the line between imaginary dreamscape and sociopolitical commentary. His work represents the psychological state of contemporary society and our inability to exist in the present moment. 

In addition to new works on canvas, Future Tense also features Gross’ cabinet card paintings, a series of works painted on antique Victorian photographs dating from the 1880s to the early 1900s. Using mixed media, Gross re-imagines the subjects of these portraits as pop culture characters from film, television or comics.   

"Alex Gross’s surrealistic paintings are beautifully rendered and seductive, and his integration of consumer culture motifs and modern tech devices presents an unsettling collision of worlds. He creates a masterful tension between lush, escapist beauty and the anxiety inducing emblems of our white-noise-plagued modern world." — Shepard Fairey


Terence Gower’s “Baghdad Case Study” LABOR, Mexico City

LABOR, Mexico City     March 23–May 24, 2014

We are proud to have contributed to Terrence Gower's timely exhibit at LABOR in Mexico City. The show is a fascinating exploration of foreign policy, utopian ideas, and of course American Imperialism all through a study of architecture, urban design and modernist sensibilities. 

Read the review Here

Selma Feriani Galley Presents Amel Bennys "Underground" at Volta NY

French-Tunisian artist Amel Bennys' work is beautiful and mysterious. In her first year in New York she went about capturing the subway in photographs, while contemplating is functionality and complex structure. "The New York Subway look to me like Roman remains, a hidden underground  ancestral lost city" she describes. I was lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with Amel and help bring these mysterious images to life, printed large scale on matte canvas, which she later worked on top of with paint and pastel.


Climbing Wall is Finished!

OK this has nothing to do with printing, but it's exciting! We have built a 12 foot tall bouldering wall upstairs in the studio. It was one of the most fun, challenging and creative projects I have ever done. It was a group effort and the final paint design is inspired by Sol Lewitt's drawings.

We shot a time lapse video over the 6 weeks it took to build. 

If you'd like to bring climbing shoes and boulder while the prints run consider it a client service. 50% off prints if you can set boulder problems that I cannot do :)

Large Scale Prints on Canvas for Philippe Stark / Hansgrohe Designs Opening

We created a stunning display of massive canvas prints for the unveiling of the new Phillipe Stark designs for Hansgrohe at the Axor showroom in the meat packing district. Measuring 109" x 52" the images were printed on a matte canvas and stretched with a 2" black wrap. The deep black in the matte canvas created a stunning display for a special event featuring the renowned designer himself.

New Alex Gross Edition of "The Bends" for Jonathan LeVine Gallery

We just completed a new limited edition of 50 prints for my brother Alex after his recent show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The original and most of his painting sold before the show even opened so the editions will definitely be collectible. The edition was printed on Hahnemühle Photorag 310 g/sm Bright White on the Epson 11880. They look amazing. Get one while they last here

Large Scale Canvas Prints for the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City by Imuri

We recently worked with Pato Paez and Imuri Design to complete a series of striking 11 foot tall images for the opening of the new Revel Hotel in Atlantic City. These colorful and graphic images were printed on matte canvas and laminated to wafer thin aluminum Dibond panels to sit flush on huge sliding steel doors. The project was made more exciting by the last minute rush to complete in time for the opening. The whole project took 3 days to print mount and deliver to Atlantic City.

Alex Gross "Product Placement" opens at Jonathan LeVine Gallery



Alex's seventh solo exhibition opened on on February 25th, 2012, at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in New York. Twenty oil paintings on canvas, panel and paper were be featured, as well as 25 mixed media paintings on antique cabinet card photographs.









Michael Richards Prints at Remembering 9/11

In remembrance of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, LaGuardia Community College is hosting a multi-media exhibition by 15 artists, many from Lower Manhattan who were eye witnesses to the tragic events. Brooklyn Editions prepared and printed large scale images of some very haunting and powerful sculptures by Michael Richards. They are prophetic for their chilling vision. In 1999 Michael Richards cast his own body in plastic resin to create “Tar Baby vs. St. Sebastian.” St. Sebastian was an early Christian martyr who was executed by being shot full of arrows. However, in this sculpture it was a Tuskegee Airman who was was being pierced by multiple airplanes. He made the life size self-portrait in 1999 and was killed on Sept. 11, 2001 during the World Trade Center attack while in his art studio on the 92nd Floor of the Twin Towers. While his work dealt with a much different theme; the metaphor of the all-black Tuskegee Airmen’s Squadron of the Second World War, men whose images Richards (using himself as his model) often returned to in his work. The Tuskegee airmen were awarded more than 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses but at the same time their Alma Mater was  used for illegal experiments on black men to test the transference of syphilis. The contrast between the freedom of aviation and the metaphor of airmen crashing and being attacked speak to greater social issues. The exhibition opens at Saturday September 10th and will be on display through November 23rd.

Remembering 9/11 Exhibition at LaGuardia Community College curated by Kristin Jefferson

The original sculpture is on display at The North Carolina Museum of Art

John D'Agostino Featured in the NYTimes Lens blog

John D’Agostino's Empire of Glass Project was recently featured in the New York times Lens Blog. John is an artist, photographer and educator based in New York City. This project involves taking highly detailed large scale photographs of a trove of Tiffany glass he discovered in his parents basement. He prints these stunning abstract images at large sizes on a matte canvas. His work has been featured in exhibitions at The Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston, and at The Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, with group exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C, and St. Louis. John’s images have appeared in The New York Times, Photographer’s Forum, Time Out, Studio Visit, as an award winner in The PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, and featured in Silvershotz: The International Journal of Fine Art Photography, and on the cover of GLASS Quarterly.