Brooklyn Editions is a Hahnemühle Certified Studio
The Hahnemühle Certified Studio program is created to support professional print providers to achieve and maintain excellence in art reproduction, digital art and photographs. Each Certified Studio receives ongoing direct support, training and workshops, profiling services and product information directly from us at Hahnemühle FineArt.
Artists actively seek out a Certified Studio because they can rely on the business to provide consistent quality in all production steps from trained employees. Most importantly, they receive assured archivability of all prints made on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt media and can count on consistent print quality. 
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Hahnemühle Papers

Some of our most popular Hahnemühle papers

Hahnemühle has been making paper since 1584 and combines old world craft with state of the art coatings on surfaces perfect for a variety of projects. 

  • Photo Rag Bright White 310  this is by far our most popular surface. A 100% rag paper with a fine tooth and heavy weight combined with a bright white point and incredible coatings to reproduce a stunning contrast and color range for a matte surface.
  • Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 Similar to the regular Photo Rag , this surface is smoother and is also available in larger width  up to 64" whereas the mill that produces the regular Photo Rag is limited to 44."
  • Photo Rag Duo Slightly thinner than regular Photo Rag, this paper is double sided and perfect for portfolios and book projects.
  • Bamboo warm toned and made 100% from bamboo, this paper is a bit more natural than Photo Rag and is made form a renewable sustainable resource. 
  • Rice Paper an extremely light,  laid finish paper this is the thinest paper we have printed on that does not cockle and bleed. 
  • Daguerre Canvas A bright white cotton-poly blend with a smooth weave  that allows extremely sharp and accurate printing. The cotton poly blend makes it especially crack resistant when stretching.
  • Museum Etching 350 similar to a traditional etching paper, this surface offers a little more tooth and texture. This makes a perfect choice for reproductions of drawings and charcoals.
  • Baryta FB 350 This paper is an extra smooth Baryta surface. Its smoother than anyother Bartyta paper that we have used and has nice smooth gloss perfect for detail but with so much more soul than a typical glossy stock.
  • Photo Silk Baryta 310 This alpha cellulose paper is very similar to a silver halide paper and has a lovely sparkle and shimmer. Its very close to the classic Ilford Gold Fiber Silk which was one of the original baryta papers for inkjet.